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When Our Cars Try To Quit Us First

So I’ve been meaning to blog for days.  Specifically, I have had a blog I wanted to write since Tuesday.

And it’s Friday.

Here’s the thing– if I don’t start writing the minute nap time begins, it probably won’t happen.

So today, because I was dying to revive this space of the Internet I call My Dyer-E, I decided to forget the laundry that is yet to be folded and the lunch dishes that are dirty in the sink, so that I could utilize June’s nap time to write.

And ahhhh, I’m so happy to be here.

(Just to be clear, I did NOT come here before sweeping the kitchen floor, putting all toys away, and cleaning off the table and countertops, because well– I can’t focus with an actual mess around here and my writing time will be much more peaceful this way.)

So, back to Tuesday.  It was seriously the kind of day you just have to blog about— it was so perfect in every way, and I’ve just been so eager to get here to tell you about it, but before I could, well today happened.

And funny enough, when I had drafted Tuesday’s blog in my mind (oh, if only all the blogs I draft in my mind could make it to the keyboard lol) I kind of felt like it would be an unfair representation of being a SAHM to report on just such a day without a disclaimer that there are less perfect days intermingled among my week, too.

And then God gave me today so that I could prove that!

Today.  I mean, it’s nothing actually bad.  In fact, I text a friend I had to cancel meeting today and said to pray for me, but that it wasn’t anything serious– just several annoying things combined.  Basically several annoying #firstworldproblems if you will.

If you’re my friend on Facebook or Instagram (I know, I know– I’m abandoning my former ways of only having one social media outlet lol and yes, it’s just as exhausting as I imagined it would be) you already know that we are currently car shopping.  (I might have posted a time or 22 about it, because well- you know- that’s me.)

This car shopping thing started as The Shippmate and I being super proactive and ahead of the game.  Just realizing that both of our cars have 160k-ish miles, neither are in the grandest of conditions, and a little more space in the form of a cool SUV that I’ve always wanted could be fun.

Because we weren’t in dire need of a car, it’s been pretty low key and non-stressful of a search.  Including but not limited to me offering Car Guy Steve a straight up trade for both of our old cars for a nearly new decked out SUV with leather heated seats.  (Spoiler alert- He declined.)

However, as if Ryan’s car (and the one we drive all the time in the summer because it has something my car does not have in the form of AC) sensed it was being under-appreciated, it decided to show us and start leaking major oil and bring about a sound that made us think it was more of a ticking time bomb than we thought.

Which wasn’t even a huge deal, because it’s cooler out, and I MUCH prefer my car, so this morning I decided to just move all June’s stuff to my car that hadn’t been driven since May-ish.  As I was doing this and cleaning my car out during The Switch, I was reminded how much I actually love that car of mine and thought to myself that maybe we could just save the thousands of dollars cars apparently cost and just live happily ever after in my Focus that I really do love.  With this thought in mind, I spent quite a bit of time cleaning it up and making it nice and wonderful which was pretty tricky with a very active June being less help than she was adorable.

And then we get in it to leave, and I’m feeling so noble and smart about this new idea to just drive what we have and abandon my dreams of being some kind of cool mom in a black SUV, and I start the car to see the clock and radio and everything decides NOW– after I’ve just tried to rekindle my romance with the dear Focus— that it should all quit me.

And you know, on the one hand, I drove in silence (well no- not silence, as June was screaming for me to turn on her CD for the entire ride) thinking that our cars really were being pretty clever to try to spite us for trying to get rid of them by quitting us first.  Like when you’re in middle school and you get word your “boyfriend” is going to break up with you after school so you hurry up and write him a note breaking up with him first!  That felt like what our cars decided to do to us, and so I nearly wanted to justify their actions.

Until I thought– NO!  It would have been so much smarter for you, my favorite Focus, to not only NOT have some fuse problem leaving us with no lights, clock, radio, but rather for you to have tried to prove yourself by bringing back the AC that hasn’t worked for years!

I tried to explain this to my car, but no telling if she heard me with June screaming obscenities from her seat about the fact we couldn’t listen to “Just Around The River Bend.”

Which eventually led to me singing Pocahontas songs to her, which come to find out, she maybe enjoys more than the CD!

Maybe this no radio thing might work out after all.

And I know you’re just dying to hear about my Tuesday, but I decided it deserves a post of its own, so I’m going to just let this post be the ramblings of my “bad” morning that now as I’m sitting on my couch with the quilt my mom made Baby June for her bday (I promise June will eventually get to use this comfy treasure, Mom) and fall candles burning with my stomach full from lunch, nothing about it really even seems that bad.

Oh, but I did leave out the part where a collections agency called me and demanded my $42 from when I had to visit two separate ERs for mastitis and when we got to the 36 minute bottom of that whole thing she saw that all bills had been accidentally billed to the wrong address due to a typo.  Excellent.  It’s always fun to be reminded on the nearly one year anniversary of the terror mastitis was with somehow still owing people money for it.

Anyway, I’m glad to be back after a nearly month unwanted hiatus from this blog, and I’m sure you’re all glad I’m back too what with this very random rambling of my “rough” day.

Stay tuned for tales from a Tuesday… coming soon.

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An August of June, Day 23

I recently was talking to a friend who is almost due (yaaay Tiff!) about the fact that June had to be taken from me immediately because of meconium, and I said how at the time it didn’t seem too stressful.  They assured me all would be fine as soon as they used something to make sure her throat and nose were clear, but that I did know it delayed the time from delivery to her on my chest, so I went back to the pictures to see just how long that wait was.

Turns out it was 6 minutes.

You can see from tonight’s pictures that it was 6 minutes on top of 9 months that I didn’t even know I’d been waiting a lifetime for…

IMG_1416IMG_1418Oh, the joy.

And 364 days later, it’s still such a joy to have that baby so close and snuggled up to me.

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An August of June, Day 22

As we were getting ready for Camp June tomorrow, my mom asked what she could do right then to help.

I needed to be working on my picture project, so I said, “Would you take care of June’s nails and toenails for me?”

I glanced across the table and saw my Shippmate make a face that he didn’t think I saw, but I’m pretty sure it was mocking me for one year later STILL passing off the task of trimming June’s nails!

Initially, Ry was The Master at clipping those baby nails, but lately, my mom has taken over and trimmed that baby girl’s nails to perfection.

I’m actually not kidding that I don’t think I’ve done her nails or toenails once all summer lol.  Grammy and June have their own little system– June in her high chair with a book or blueberries or maybe both while Grammy gets her readers on and goes to work!

It’s adorable, and I’ve peeked around the corner to just admire the process a time or two this summer…

IMG_6977IMG_6978So, as Grammy was taking care of Junie’s nails, I immediately knew what I had to use for tonight’s picture!

June Harbor Shippy’s INSANELY long fingernails at birth!

All I could think when I saw those bad boys was my girl Juno saying:  “Babies have fingernails?!”

Oh Juno, do they ever.

These precious nails are even more beautiful to me today than they were almost a year ago.  And I think by the looks of them, no one should be questioning why I love to recruit a Shippmate or a Grammy to assist with such a task.

DSC_8017DSC_8018 DSC_8020DSC_8022

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An August of June, Day 21

Oh, but An August in June is coming to an end rather quickly.

But just a couple more days before this year will wrap up and a celebration will conclude what has single-handedly been the best year of my life.

Because there are only 24 days to commence such a day as the one in which my June was born, I’m absolutely breaking my own rules and including more than one picture tonight.

As it’s already late and I’m tired (I called my dad earlier and he answered- “Camp June Central here…” HA! So much excitement and preparation in store for CAMP JUNE– both at Camp headquarters and here at our off-site location in Warrensburg, too!) (and with LOTS of graphic help being outsourced from a very, very dear Auntie Cate in Portland) I’m going to let my words be few this evening and let these pictures tell the story.

A story that could very appropriately be titled “The Many Admirers of June Harbor Shippy:  In Her First 48 Hours of Life.”

It’s a story with the finest and most loving of characters.  Well, here– you’ll see…

 DSC_8032 DSC_7908  DSC_7944IMG_2135 DSC_7928 DSC_8014 DSC_8090 IMG_2126
  IMG_0347   IMG_2122 DSC_8088 DSC_7912 DSC_7921 IMG_2104 DSC_8031         DSC_7976
And last, but oh not the least, would be she who loves and admires June Harbor the most…


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An August of June, Day 20

This isn’t a picture of June from her Birth Day, but rather a picture of her on her Due Date!

IMG_2861Which was but just a year ago TODAY!

She was nice and cozy and not wanting to share her birthday with her daddy’s beloved Ron Paul.

I felt great and enjoyed the last of our doctor appointment dates with some On The Border and ice cream with my Shippmate afterwards.

I thought life couldn’t get any better really.

Oh, but to be so naive and silly…

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An August of June, Day 19

With my Royals being #1 in the AL Central and very officially owning the label “the hottest team in baseball,” this picture seemed only appropriate.

I cannot put into words how much this meant to me.

Like if a single gesture could speak my love languages on every level, this might be it.

A homemade sign made just for my Baby June?  I LOVE!

At my home away from home that I’ve referred to as a sanctuary of a field for me?  I LOVE!

Posted on my timeline ON the night of her birthday for all of the world to see June’s personalized love at The K?  I LOVE!

The fact it doesn’t just say “Welcome June” but “Welcome BABY June” which I didn’t even know yet but would soon become my favorite little thing to call her?  I LOVE!

Truly, I love Ryan’s family so much.  They’re just such intelligent, beautiful, and thoughtful people that I appreciate greatly.

I’m so glad June has them loving on her.

I don’t even know how this idea came to be or how they thought to get poster board and markers at the stadium that night and make it happen, but the entire hoopla of a process that went into it just makes me smile such a giddy true blue LET’S GO ROYALS (clap-clap, clap-clap-clap) kind of smile.

I can’t wait to share with my Baby June that mere hours after entering this world, she was already being welcomed at (what will soon be) her favorite stadium.

It was truly a Royal announcement I will never forget!

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An August of June, Day 18

After June’s 1st bath on her Birth Day, I remember being so amused that the nurse gave my June her very own “hair towel.”

It might have been one of my first moments of thinking, “like mother, like daughter.”

A thought– and an honor– I now think daily!

Have you ever seen a sweeter freshly bathed brand new to this world face?

I love!

IMG_3056 IMG_3058 IMG_3057

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An August of June, Day 17

DSC_7951This picture was the last picture taken on my camera on the night of June’s Birth Day.

It was taken at 10:08pm.

Contacts that had been in and working hard since 6 that morning had been swapped out for my glasses, my parents were about to leave after the fullest of days including being up and and on Baby J Watch since 6 that morning, Baby June’s crocheted hat had been tossed aside, but my favorite person to zoom in on this picture?

Yep- that would be my Shippmate.

Oh, my Shippmate.

Does that new daddy look like he has had A DAY or what?!?!

Hahahahahha- I love that you can see the physical and emotional toll that perfect day had on my man.  His face, his hair… he worked so hard that day.  From the minute I woke him up with contractions at 6am, he was ON HIS A GAME.

I’ve never been prouder of the way he supported and loved me through labor.  Ah, I love thinking about it and remembering.

But I needn’t look back to August 24th of 2013 to know how much those three faves of mine surrounding me and June love me and are always there for me, because just today was such proof of that.

All people pictured above were in full force CAMP JUNE PREP MODE today!

With Camp June just one week out, I–as the Camp Director– had an all staff meeting with Grammy, Grandpa, and The ShipDaddy this afternoon.

They were patient and helpful with my ideas, and they’re all doing so much for Camp June, which I greatly appreciate.

I know all 3 of them find one of my ideas a bit “over the top,” and they hardly even conveyed that to me, but just kept helping to make it happen.

Tonight when we were getting home and discussing the success and productive of the day, Ryan mentioned something about my picture project.

To somewhat explain, I started out with selecting what I thought were “a few of the best pics of June from her first year of life” and realized I had compiled 535 pictures which don’t worry– Ryan pointed out was almost 2 pictures for everyday she has been alive.  (And, people– I seriously was VERY picky about only picking the best pictures LOL!)

Anyway, I narrowed it down to what I thought was an impressive 321, but according to everyone else that’s still an insane amount of pictures, but tonight I said to Ryan, “Well I think every mom has at least one thing for the first birthday party that they go a little crazy with….”

And my love of a Shippmate interrupts me to say- “Babe- I’m just so glad to hear you recognize you’re being a little crazy about those pictures!”


I love him and my parents so much, and I appreciated their all day support and love on June’s Birth Day, as well as their love and support– even of my 321 picture project– for June’s 1st Birthday!

Take one more quick scroll up to check out my Shippmate at 10:08pm on the night June was born.

Oh, I love him.  He’s my favorite.

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An August of June, Day 16

Oh my goodness gracious.

I seriously just won the lottery of all lotteries.

The Shippmate and I spent some time this afternoon working on some little projects for June’s party (which is only ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!) and while working on my picture project for Camp June, I came across an entire folder of pictures that I completely had forgotten even existed!!!!!!

1,218 pictures from August 7th until September 13th, so therefore containing 2 weeks of newborn Baby June pictures from my iPhone that I have not seen since they were taken!!??!!?

I couldn’t believe it.  I still can’t believe it.

It was truly like taking this very, very vivid trip down newborn Baby June memory lane.  With each picture, I felt the emotion of figuring out everything that happens– to both my body and hers– in those first and most precious of weeks.

Some tears, some pain, some confusion and frustration, too, but oh… oh- the LOVE!

I discovered these just after midnight, and I’m writing this in a near half asleep state, so I’m just going to stop here and let the pictures do all the talking.  I really haven’t had the chance to even really savor and take my time looking at the pictures (because I’m kind of dying to join the rest of my fam that went to bed hours ago and my fingers are struggling to even type accurately lol) but I quickly picked out a few of my favorites.

I realize An August of June was originally going to be all pictures from her Birth Day, but I can’t help myself.

These little surprise gifts from Jesus above are too, too wonderful not to share with someone tonight, and as much I’m dying to wake The Shippmate up to show him all 1,218 precious and incredible moments from June’s first two weeks of life, my guess is he’ll be just as excited to see them tomorrow lol.

But you, My Dear Dyer-E, you get to see them tonight.

While these aren’t from August 24th, in each of them she is less than one week new.

Oh, oh, oh my Baby June…

IMG_3405 IMG_3369 IMG_3291 IMG_3166 IMG_3716 IMG_3627 IMG_3497

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An August of June, Day 15

This is my Shippmate changing June’s first diaper:

IMG_3016We were at a baby shower tonight where everyone wrote a message for the parents-to-be on a diaper to be changed later.

I absolutely loved that idea.

I’ll spare you the take I went with the diaper, but it may or may not have been quoting Forrest Gump.  (For the few of you that will get that, you’re welcome.)

Anyway, the game tonight reminded me of a sweet little thought I had forgotten about in that I went the whole 2 day hospital stay without ever changing a diaper!


I married the best man.  I really do love that Shippmate so much.  He is an excellent dad and the best husband.

And a heck of a diaper changer!

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