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Defying Etiquette. One “sprinkle” at a time.

I’ve been a blog slacker the last few nights, just kind of limping across the finish line that is EVERYDAY IN MAY, but then today during Calendar Time with June I realized May is almost over!

Nothing like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel to give you that extra boost to KEEP ON GOING.

So a real post tonight.

Not a copy and paste from The Facebook.

Not only is it a real post, but I’m also going to address a super serious and what Barbara Walters might have called a Hot Topic.

Prepare yourself.


(for those of you that read me rather literally, cue the SARCASM font here lol)

So, I’m going to have a shower for my little Captain.


Gasp.  Shun. Stone me.

I KNOW.  It’s my SECOND kid.

You’re surely thinking:  Do you ALSO wear white after Labor Day!?  (Ahhhh, maybe.)

Not do I have the audacity to celebrate a second kid, but it’s my second kid in two years.  Just two summers ago, we were just doing this.

Apparently proper etiquette says you don’t do this.

But here’s the thing…  I’m actually not that proper after all.

My mom?  VERY PROPER.  The woman RSVPs like a pro, keeps the US Post Office in business with her thoughtful cards and thank you notes, and always has tissue paper for her gifts.

She’s seriously the best.

She was raised by Mary Jane… even MORE PROPER THAN MY MOM.  Nanny would tell me of wearing gloves and a nice dress… to go grocery shopping.  Nanny’s style exuded class.

I come from a line of women that are both proper and classy, and well… then there is me.

I admittedly never have tissue paper for gifts and once asked Ryan to wait until someone opened another gift, steal the used tissue paper and stick it in our gift.


This is me being a whole lot of me:

482697_564298381242_22588063_nMy mom would NEVER use one of those gift wrapping stop shops, and I’m all:  BEST IDEA EVER.

(When my Shippmate took this picture he said, “You can take the girl out of Odessa but you can’t take the Odessa out of the girl.”  Which made me die laughing, because I love him. And my Odessa roots.)

Anyway, so back to the Hot Topic on hand.

Yes, I’m going to have a shower for my second child.

And I KNOW that it’s making Miss Manners cringe, but here’s the thing– this baby inside of me?

He has been prayed over by so many.

He has both worried me so very much and simultaneously taught me to stretch my faith in ways I didn’t know possible.

He made for a hell of a first trimester that saw me doing a whole lot of this:

10885356_631030544452_4495000438595850770_nI’m sorry, Miss Manners– I seriously respect your allegiance to etiquette, but for me and my Captain… I’m going to kind of beat to my own drum here.

I WANT to celebrate him.

I WANT to have friends and women I love gather and eat cake and feel him dancing inside of me.

I WANT to talk about him and his nursery and what he might look like with ladies who already love him.

I WANT to give him a night to know I’m so excited for him– and others are too– like I did for my firstborn girl.

(Don’t tell him that I had like 4 showers for her comparatively to his one.  HEY- it’s a rebellious ONE I’m having for you, Captain!)

I know not everyone will agree with this, and I get that.  I seriously do.  I was talking to some different friends today (some that have offered to host a shower for Captain and others that have said they have sweet boy things for his shower) and while I’ve been to second (or even third) baby showers for my own friends, almost all of them mentioned their moms thinking it’s not something you do.

Which I also get.  Our mamas– just like Miranda sings it to us– come from a softer generation.

My own mom included!

Sometimes I think, my poor mom– she totally sings to the heart of Miranda’s song of hiding your crazy…. she is here in 2015 without a Facebook or Instagram or any kind of social media… and she has a daughter with a BLOG!

The irony of it really does make you have to laugh.

But I do think our moms come from a different generation, so I get that showers for second babies may be a bit tacky to them.

I had to think about it for awhile, but I decided I’m okay with that.

Not because I want to be offensive or rude– not that AT ALL actually.

But because this is me and my babe, and this is what we’re choosing to do.  Just like I make other choices that those from a softer generation might raise an eyebrow about.

I KNOW women of the generation before me– and a great deal in the here and now– either aren’t a fan of breastfeeding or think it should be done in a back room somewhere hidden away from all civilization.

And as for me… well, about a month or two in, June and I had kind of ditched the covers.

I can appreciate those people who aren’t having a get together for a second babe, while still wanting to do something special for this little man of mine just like I can appreciate people who choose to do formula while loving breastfeeding my babes wherever we go.

My mom is much classier than me.  Seriously– I WISH I was as put together as she is– tissue paper, immediate RSVPs, and clothes always impeccably ironed.

(I don’t even know where our iron is and/or if made the move with us last year.  Shhhh…. don’t tell my mama!)

I so appreciate that despite my mom being from a softer generation that didn’t do second baby showers, she said she’d do anything for this one, and then made a joke saying surely we won’t be doing this for a third or fourth baby, will we?

(Don’t tell her, but I laughed like, “Oh no!” but secretly thought “HECK YEAH WE WILL!” Hahahaha.)

PS:  I just remembered what my mom told me– we’re not calling this a shower.  It’s a SPRINKLE!  ….which I’m not sure what that means, but if my mama says it, I know it’s legit.

Shower, sprinkle, or PAR-TAY… I can’t wait to be among those I know share a love for this sweet face as we count down the days until we can kiss those cheeks of his!

photo 2(1)PPS:  I was buying a friend a baby gift at Target a couple of weeks ago (for a THIRD baby! WHOA!) and just being among all of the baby stuff totally had me 35 shades of giddy that I’m about to get to do this again!!!!!  Reason #13 on my list of why we’re getting our sprinkle on, Captain!

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A Favorite Quote

“It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.”

-Sally Field

Preach it, sister– so much to love.

(I know, I know– this is a total copy and paste from FB… such a busy and wonderful day that didn’t allow time to be inside blogging but better posts coming soon!  I have ideas drafted in my mind that are dying to come to the keyboard– I just need fun and exciting things to quit happening, so I can have the time to write!)

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Too. Tired. To. Type.

I’m dying.

I slept three hours last night.

And I do not handle no sleep well.  Like I’m the worst.

I’ve never gone without sleep so I don’t know how to handle it.

At one point today, June was standing on the table, I was crying (just because I was so tired I couldn’t think of anything else to do) and she said, “I know! Get Mommy bink!  Feel better, Mommy?”

I love her so much.

She really did get me a bink and it halfway did make me feel better lol.

It was just the wrong day to be exhausted.

We had an early morning to go see my favorite grandpa in the Honor Guard, lunch with the fam, before coming home to get ready and groceries and prepare for a Memorial Day BBQ at our place with friends.

I was so tired I text my parents and said I might have to come to their house while all our friends were at our house after I got stuff ready, because I felt so awful.  But then the idea of the drive there and the drive back felt too overwhelming and Ryan was so excited about this BBQ that I decided to put on some make up and force myself to be more awake and fun than I felt.

Which turned out to be such a great time.

I mean my eyes still feel like they should be closed, but I so enjoyed having so many friends and kids here sharing burgers and salsa and s’mores with us.

Not to mention, June LOVES having friends over and seeing her run and play and adore her best buds really does make me so happy.

And I know Ryan was glad I stayed, so I was happy about that, too.

It just totally bummed me out that I had to be going on empty on a day that I so wanted to soak in and just enjoy.

Dear Lord in heaven if this is what I’m going to feel like everyday with a newborn, I literally don’t know that I will survive.

I am not even kidding about that, and I pray every night he’s somehow magically a perfect sleeper from night one in the hospital like his big sister June.

If not, there is no promising she will not always be my favorite child.  I’m kidding.

Kind of.

I just tried to write the same sentence three times before just giving up and calling this a wrap.

Despite feeling like death, there were so many wonderful things happening all around me today.

Here’s just a few pictures of all of that goodness.

unnamedfdfadfd unnamed unnamdfadfdfdfded unnamdfadfded unname4d unnamedfdd
11247712_646589204772_364814309449472710_n 11377175_646588396392_6414406761584518997_n 11269022_646596599952_1722836611242318936_n

And last, but certainly not least– Happy Memorial Day.  My heart is so grateful for those who serve our country and those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  Thank you feels so small, but I say it with so much sincerity and gratitude.

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When It All Needs Done Yesterday (a non-post)

When I’m not laughing hysterically (see yesterday’s post, My Favorite Pregnancy Symptom) I’m freaking out about things I need done YESTERDAY.

The joy of pregnancy hormones.

No, but really– I deleted all my baby apps from my phone to have more room for pictures and videos of June (although I don’t even know if helps or not) so I’ve basically just been flying this pregnancy blind and somehow I almost missed the memo I’m in the third trimester!!!!!!

Which normal people are excited about, while I’m all– AHHHHH.  NOT READY YET!

(“not ready yet!” is a favorite phrase of June’s lately that amuses me so)

It’s especially confusing for people like me– without baby apps– to know we’ve entered The Third Tri, because well– I’m barely showing:

11377150_646517678112_8568723579295641337_nThat black is pretty slimming though, yes?

Hahahahaha.  And my June.  Adore her little face always.

Anyway, so upon realizing I’m in the final trimester, something hit today (after church and after lunch with friends and after a nap lol) that kicked me into EVERYTHING NEEDS DONE AROUND HERE mode.

Also known as my Shippmate’s least favorite mode.


We have cleaned and moved stuff and The Shippmate even built me a shelf (per request) in our laundry room that I’m most excited about!

But that’s not even the half of it…

After MONTHS of wondering “WHAT AM I GOING TO DO IN CAPTAIN’S ROOM!?!” and even tonight, majorly vacuuming and dusting and cleaning June’s amazing nursery (you can see it HERE if you’re curious about how sweet it is) I was all, “There is just no way I can do another room to measure up to THIS ONE!”

However, I finally tonight landed on an idea that I’m actually VERY excited about, and I think it will be absolutely perfect for my Captain!

The Shipper even took a break from cleaning downstairs (he’s nesting for me/per my request lol in his areas– basement, garage, etc, BECAUSE WE CANNOT BRING A BABY HOME TO A CLUTTERED GARAGE!!!) to come up here and patiently listen to all of my ideas for The Room!

(I actually typed Captain’s real name just then, because since June’s been asleep we’ve been calling him by his real name, which is SO wonderful for my soul, because I use “Captain” so much, I have nearly started thinking of this baby as “Captain!”  We didn’t have a similar kind of nickname for June (we used Baby J) (which I still love) and we also didn’t have a little toddler around to SAY the nickname all of the time, so it really has been kind of weird for me lately thinking about how pretty soon I will get to use his REAL name and it’s NOT Captain!  I’m actually very much excited about that, but do fear I might slip at first and consider that little man my Captain!)

Anyway, this is kind of a non-blog because I’ve spent all day (after church and lunch and that nap, hahahaha) cleaning and working and making big decisions for our baby boy’s nursery!

And now I need to go get a job between now and August 13th, because with my big ideas, I’m finding big price tags, ie: those cool mobiles everyone has from Etsy!?  They’re like $200?!!?  What!!?  I surely hope babies are packing those bad boys up and taking them to college in 18 years with that kind of investment!

Also, I posted this on a few swap shops, but if anyone is selling a white crib or changing table, I know a Captain that would love to buy used!

Or if you’re selling this kind of glider, I would be interested:

Planning for Captain’s room has me even more excited and anxious for our growing family!  (But still in no hurry for August to arrive– both because I have things to get done and because I’m a little nervous about this transition from one little Baby June to two babes to love and adore on….)

However, nesting and preparing things is so very, very important to me, and I can’t wait to have his room done and ready for him!

PS:  As for a hint of what we’re doing, let me just say– it’s going to be out of this world…

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My Favorite Pregnancy Symptom

It’s so fun that I’m pregnant in the exact same seasons.  With our due dates for June and Captain less than 2 weeks apart, there have been so many crazy moments of– THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WERE DOING TWO YEARS AGO!

And I just love that.

Time Hop has been especially fun for such matters, as you might imagine.

I mentioned a couple of days ago about my mom and Ryan recently talking about how they nearly want me to lie to people and tell them I’m due soon when they ask, “So– how much longer do you have??” (thinking I’m due yesterday)

This was identical to my first pregnancy and happened 3 months out from my August 2013 due date as well.

Tonight at dinner, I was dying laughing at something, and my Shippmate reminded me of something else that I had forgotten from my first pregnancy!

As I was uncontrollably laughing so hard (causing June to do this thing where she starts fake laughing really hard to be like me!) Ry says in such a cute way, “Lately you’ve really been so giggly and laughing all of the time– like more than usual even.”

And then I totally remembered my mom pointing this out during June’s pregnancy!!!

I don’t even know if it’s a common pregnant woman thing or if I’m just crazy, but it’s SO true.  I literally get so tickled and cannot stop laughing at things all of the time!

It’s rather fun really.  Minus the part where I have a huge belly that literally bounces up and down and makes me feel Santa-esque.  Ha.

But anyway, tonight the culprit of (one of) my fits of intense laughter was me getting up for my 17th glass of mango tea (I LOVE PANERA’S MANGO TEA) and then telling Ryan and June how incredible the tea was, but especially so, because I was getting A LOT of ice and then just filling the tea about halfway up, and I always think drinks taste better when they’re coming out of a less full cup.

As in, I ABSOLUTELY prefer a 20 oz. drink over a 32 EVERY TIME.

And Route 44!?!  I die.  The taste of that thing would kill me with all of its million ounces just floating around, not to mention if I did ever make it to the bottom of it, I’m sure it would be disgusting.

This is just one the many weird quirks about me and preferences with drinks that all are going to go on the flow chart my Shippmate has said he should make about me and my drinks.

Anyway, I sit down with my half full tea while praising its amazing, and The Shippmate says, “They just don’t make cups small enough for you, do they, Wifey?”

And I just died laughing.

Like startled the man reading next to us.

I actually am still laughing, because that WAS funny, and I also love the way Ryan says things to me.

(Also on a complete side note, but semi-relevant with the drink discussion– one time Ryan brought me home TWO 20 oz. Sonic drinks, because he knows I love drinks out of smaller cups and would love that so much more than a large!  It was literally the most precious gesture ever and I loved it.)

Anyway, I don’t know if anyone else has experienced major laughter as a pregnancy symptom, but it’s a pretty sweet one, if I do say so myself.

So let me list off a few other times today that I was all giggles.

1.  June’s enthusiasm for our tea room date with Grandma Wanda and my mom.

June LOVES playing “tea party,” and my mom has even bought her this adorable Tea Party shirt, so naturally we had to put that on for our lunch date.

June noticed I was wearing a skirt– which she calls my tutu, so she requested her own tutu.

Thus, this precious little outfit was born, and the whole car ride to Odessa she was GIDDY to have a tea party at a TEA ROOM with her Grammy and Grandma Wanda!

Her love for girlie things like tutus and tea rooms and lunch with her grandmas…. it makes me so incredibly grateful God gave me a girl.  Like, I can’t tell you how happy I am she’s a girl.  TICKLED PINK I AM.

And when the staff there– who are all dear friends of ours– brought her out this tea cup for her to drink out of…. oh, her day was made right then and there.


Such a sweet tea party with so many of my faves.

unnameddfd unnamed

2.  This is from a couple of days ago, but I just saw it on my phone this afternoon while June was napping, and I started laughing so hard that I nearly was in pain.

Which again, might be my pregnancy laughing symptoms, but I kind of think this will be funny to people that aren’t intoxicated with preggo hormones.

This is Roman and June racing at the park when I had them both there on Friday, and yes, that is absolutely my daughter racing her cousin with a chicken wing in hand.

IMG_7772 IMG_7773    IMG_7775

And I hate to point this out, Ro Ro– but she’s kind of winning while munching on that thing!


This was also yesterday, but OH MY GOSH.

(I’m copying this from FB/Insta, so you might have seen it unless you’re my mom or dad aka the only two people on the planet that have neither.)

A friend gave us this outfit for June and it is a little more country than I normally resonate with in my fashion endeavors and yet I adore it on June, but I did nearly die when she came out of her room with those boots and said, “These ones, Mommy!”

June Harbor goes big or goes home, which couldn’t make my heart more proud.

15598_646252409712_1180468190339318837_nI seriously don’t think pregnancy hormones are the cause of intense laughter at that outfit.

And what I didn’t post to FB/Insta is the way she STRUTTED around Wal-Mart in this get-up.

Y’all– I kid you not, so many people said to her, “Wow! I like your boots!” and she literally looked SO proud of her outfit selection and said, “Thank you much!” to all of them with the proudest grin that just completely slayed me.

4.  There is no picture to accompany this fit of laughter, but I was talking to my mom while we were shopping on Thursday about my upcoming maternity pictures and how I really want to be tan for them, but the weather doesn’t look overly helpful.

My mom just completely cracked me up when she said, “Surely the photographer can just edit in a tan for you in this day and age, right?!?”

And I’m now laughing at that solution Mama Dyer came up with all over again now.

I love her.

5.  These pictures of my favorite girl.

Helping me taste test some brownies for our friends:

And later eating ice with preggo Mommy because we both adore it.

In her bug shirt.

IMG_7877 IMG_7878 IMG_7882
6.  This is going to be my last example, because Ryan just came in here asking how my 10 minute blog became way longer and then said, “You never write 10 minute blogs.  We just need to know that is a lie when you say it.”   HA!

So I’m wrapping this up quickly now, but I had to include this last thing that didn’t make me laugh as much as it made me smile and feel so smitten with my Shippmate.

I woke up this morning to this note he left me before attending another all day church planting meeting with Atticus:

unnameddafdfdfdsfdsThat note meant the world to me for a few reasons:

2.  Everything he wrote was just so sweet and perfect.
3.  That board has been COVERED in marker from a to-do list I made a month ago and I couldn’t get it clean the other day and couldn’t find our Magic Eraser, so I KNOW that he had to go to quite the effort to clean that thing to then write the note — all before leaving this morning!

It just completely started my Saturday off in the best way, and I love him so much for getting me so well.

He then later said yes to a Sedalia Panera trip and while there was being so loving and sweet and said, “Do you want to go to Hallmark and pick yourself out something nice after this?”

Which made me laugh (naturally) and also was so sweet.  And maybe made me question if he had some bad news to tell me or something LOL– which he, thankfully did not, but it also reminded me of the time a couple of years ago he was doing the Love Dare for me and it took me weeks to notice and not even from all of the amazing gestures but because I saw a note on his phone about it!


I love his intentional efforts to do things for me, and I’m so thankful for the way he makes me laugh (always but especially pregnant) and how he loves me so well.

Ten minute blog turned 30 minute blog– DONE!

PS:  Has anyone else experienced intense laughter fits as a pregnancy symptom or is that just me?

PPS:  If laughter is the best medicine, can I skip the prenatals that cost a fortune and I never know if they’re really working?

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A Conflicted Heart

The Duggars.


My heart has hurt ever since I saw the news.

I hate that Josh Duggar did that.

I hate it so much it makes me physically want to be ill.

I hate it for his sisters, the other victims, his parents, his wife, and his kids.

And here’s the thing– I hate it immensely for him.

Sexual molestation and abuse is a topic I’ve thought more about in the two years since having June than I ever thought about in all of my life before her.

I’ve never been victim to sexual abuse or had any situation where it has directly affected me.  By the grace of God, I’m so thankful for this.

Because I know– I VERY MUCH know– that this is not the case for A LOT OF PEOPLE.

Working in ministries from small groups to church camps to Kanakuk and FCA leadership, I quickly grew up and learned that sexual abuse is something my sheltered little mind was unaware of, but it is everywhere.

Any camp, retreat, huddle, TP of girls I’ve led in the last 15 years, I’ve never once had a group of girls I’m counseling and NOT have one– or often more– young girls confide in me about the horrific things someone– often family members– had done to them.

My eyes were opened to this whole world I wish was not a reality.

While I despise the reality that is sexual abuse, I cannot escape a continual feeling of pain and persistent urging from the Spirit to bring Josh and his family– wife, kids, parents, siblings– into my prayers, as well.

I’ve watched some of the Duggars’ show and both been annoyed and endeared by them.

But consistently, I’ve seen them be diligent in wanting to be obedient to God’s calling for their lives.

And I think that is awesome.

So when I see people now completely dismissing them and hurling words at their whole family like “frauds” and “hypocrites,” my heart feels conflicted.

They’re human.  From the statements they’ve released, they don’t claim to be above sin or without sin in their lives– present, past, or future.

Do I think what Josh did was okay?


It’s so horrifying to me I’ve cried multiple times thinking about it.

(And because I’m selfish when I say “thinking about it,” I of course mean thinking about it as someone touching or doing ANYTHING inappropriate to MY BABY JUNE.)

It’s hard for my mind and heart to even comprehend the rage and anger and disgust I have just IMAGINING my child being victim to sexual abuse.


But here’s the thing— Josh is not outside the realms of God’s eternal grace.  Jesus died on a cross– literally came to live life as a man and died the cruelest of deaths– for the sins Josh committed… and mine, too.

I am no less deserving of death in hell than Josh Duggar, and I am just as in need of Christ’s forgiveness and death on the cross.

The Duggar Family has created a brand that is conservative, clear in their pursuit for righteousness, and adamant in their commitment to Jesus and His Word.

That right there pisses a lot of people off.

Just them being them upsets people.  Their conservative values, modest lifestyle, and enthusiasm for Jesus is enough to turn away a lot of people.

Not to mention, some people– most people– are confused (at the kindest) at the size of their family.

They’ve openly said marriage is only between a man and woman, and people disagree.

So obviously, there are a lot of people that have been somewhat waiting for this.  Waiting for them to not measure up, to mess up, to be “hypocrites” in regard to their own faith.

If I didn’t know and love Jesus, I would probably be hurling stones at them right now, too.  So honestly, I get that.  (I don’t love it or agree with it, but I get where those hearts are coming from.)

What has my heart the most conflicted and confused are those people that are believers– that do know Jesus– that are done with him and his whole family and saying pretty awful things about them all.

I think it’s so easy as Christians for us to put people on pedestals– pastors, youth leaders, Christians in the public eye like the Duggars.

We think they’re void of sin, and when they do– when a youth pastor cheats on his wife, when a deacon in the church is stealing money, when a pastor has a porn addiction, when a Duggar is guilty of sexual assault– it’s like we don’t know what to do with that.

I’ve personally seen the strongest of Christian men– men I’ve heard preach Jesus with such passion– cheat on their spouses, molest young boys, and have addictions of all kinds.

And each time– it shocked me.  It hurt me.  It made me question things.  It made me angry.  And sad.  And confused.

But in the end, it made me realize men (and women) who are on fire for God are not perfect.  Not only that, but when Satan sees someone having such a huge impact for the Kingdom of God, he preys on that.

The good, the crazy, and the 19 of ’em– you have to acknowledge the Duggars have tried to be obedient to God’s calling in their lives and from the success of their show, people do like them, appreciate them, and I believe people have seen Jesus in the testimony of their lives.

So don’t you know that Satan is having a hay day with the recent turn of events?

My prayer tonight is first and foremost for the victims from over a decade ago.  I know the pain has not left them, and this kind of national attention has to have reopened so many raw wounds.  I pray for their hearts, for their bodies, for their relationships, and for their ability to forgive.

But I will not dismiss Josh from my prayers.  Or his family.

All of the trolls of the Internet have been out and dancing like it is Trollfest 2015 with their hatred and hurling of judgement and insults toward all of the many, many Duggars, and I just can’t quite escape the conflicting notion in my heart that hates this for them, too.

Yes, I even hate this for Josh.

I sincerely believe that tonight their whole family has to be hurting.

So I will not exclude them from my prayers, and I urge you to keep them in yours as well.

I want to end with just a solid reiteration that the part of my heart that is hurting for Josh is in NO WAY excusing his behavior or the behavior of anyone that was allowing him to continue in this abusive cycle.

From the stories and broken hearts I’ve prayed alongside in my years of ministry, I just can’t tell you how much I think about this kind of thing constantly for June.  It’s why June won’t go to sleepovers.  It’s why if I don’t know a nursery worker that’s a man, I don’t leave her alone with him.  It’s why I don’t feel comfortable with her having a male elementary teacher one day.

(I also realize people can do everything so intentionally and carefully to avoid these kind of situations and they still happen, so I don’t believe there is any kind of 100% “prevention” of sexual abuse.  Victims– I AM ON YOUR SIDE ALL OF THE WAY.  You were not responsible or deserving of the abuse you endured.  You deserve so much better.)

Is this all fair?  Is it fair that June might miss out on some sleepover excitement at a friend’s house or that she could miss out on an incredible 3rd grade teacher just because he’s a guy?

Oh, no– it’s not at all fair.

I think fair and trusting of people to make the right decision flew out the window with Adam and Eve in the garden.

(And my fear of men struggling with this kind of thing does not discriminate– men who love and serve the Lord and do everything in such a Christ-like kind of way?  I don’t believe they’re above this AT ALL.  That is my very point– we are all capable of falling and committing sins that we would think were impossible and if you do think you’re above that kind of behavior or sin, I fear that is a very vulnerable place to be with Satan.)

The reward of a fun sleepover or an excellent teacher over the risk of what could happen is not worth it to me.

This might be extreme.  This might offend you.  The crazy thing is before I knew and adored and had my own Baby June it might have worried me if I offended you by saying I don’t see a male elementary teacher in our future.  Or explaining we won’t do sleepovers.

But now?  The priority and magnitude of my responsibility as June’s Mom makes everything else– stepping on someone’s toes or offending a male nursery worker because I won’t leave my daughter (or son) alone with them– seem so insignificant.

I hate that this is something we have to deal with.  Like I said in the beginning of this post, I hate it for the victims, and I hate it for anyone like Josh Duggar that has struggled with this kind of behavior.

I believe I’m just as sinful as Josh Duggar– I am in equal need of Jesus’s saving grace– and so rather than hating him and insulting his family, I’m choosing to pray for them and with them.

Let me end with some lyrics from a very favorite hymn of mine:

Come, ye sinners, poor and needy,
Weak and wounded, sick and sore;
Jesus ready stands to save you,
Full of pity, love and pow’r.

Come, ye weary, heavy-laden,
Lost and ruined by the fall;
If you tarry till you’re better,
You will never come at all.

I will arise and go to Jesus,
He will embrace me in His arms;
In the arms of my dear Savior,
Oh, there are ten thousand charms.

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People are always saying hilarious things.

Let me share just three of them with you for your Wednesday.

1.  Recently June and I were across the street hanging out with our neighbors, and when the two boys (ages 5 and 8) came out with no shirts on, June couldn’t quit giggling and saying, “Nakey!  Deacon, Briggs– nakey!!!!”

Before I could explain to her they weren’t naked, five year old Deacon was all over it-

“We’re not nekked, June!  We just like to jump on the trampoline with no shirts on.  And boys can do that and it’s okay, BUT if a girl does it– she will go to JAIL!”

His older brother Briggs came in with reinforcement (and such a serious face!) and confirmed, “It’s true.  Girls go to jail for that kind of thing!”

Life lessons for June Harbor from the boys next door.

(I was literally dying.)

2.  Yesterday, June had the complete joy of having Charlie, her 9 year old pal, ride in the backseat with her from Chipotle to the park.  June literally was in heaven having a fellow passenger in the backseat!

Somehow the three of us got to talking about something Everly (Charlie’s little sister who is June’s age) got in her Easter basket this past April, and I said to Charlie, “Do you still get baskets from the Easter Bunny, too?”

Such a smart and clever little girl, Charlie knew what I wasn’t asking with my question, and said, “Well- yeah, but…. I know.”

It amused me so much that she knew exactly what I was getting at with my question, and then I asked her about how or when she figured it all out.

She so matter-of-factly says to me, “So last Christmas, I wrote Santa this really long letter and then I found it just sitting in the LAUNDRY ROOM!!!!”

I was laughing so hard at the thought of magical and sweet Santa being crushed to smithereens right next to the pile of dirty towels and Bounce sheets.

It was so great.

And then Charlie continued with, “Yeah and it wasn’t even that much longer I realized the news about The Tooth Fairy, because I found a box of my teeth at our house!”


Talking to her made me less stressed about June trying to grow up on me, because 9 seems like a pretty fun age, too.

Oh, and in regards to the Easter Bunny, Charlie explained that even though she never got a full on confirmation about him, she just figured if Santa and The Tooth Fairy are scams, surely the creepy Easter Bunny must be, too.

3.  Last, but absolutely not least would be something I haven’t heard from one person, but kind of everyone lately.

It started a couple of weeks ago, when I was shopping at Target and I knew exactly what was about to happen solely by the look on the older lady’s face as she approached me.

“Soooo…. when’s the big day?”

And that alone may not seem funny, but it’s the WAY people start asking.  Their voice gets a little higher, their eyebrows are raised– everything on their face is so excited for this baby that is ALMOST here.

Or about a week later, the guy in the Walgreens line–

“Whoa!!!  Any day now, huh??”

So just imagine the surprise and the joy of a shock I get to deliver to these people when I say–

“Well, I actually have three months to go!”

It’s really priceless.

The Shippmate and I were telling my parents a similar kind of story from our Applebee’s date when they dropped June off, and my mom so vividly remembers this exact same thing happening last time, and I was telling her how Ryan said-

“Babe- just tell them ‘soon’…”

And my mom said, “That’s exactly what I told Erica two summers ago!”


The Applebee’s hostess was actually so sweet and nice– as I think most people are– and she looked at me and said, “Oh my goodness!  You look so great!  How much longer do you have now?”

And I’m smiling now just even trying to explain the look people have on their faces– so sure and confident I’ll say, “Next week!” or “I’m so close now!”

So when I calmly smile and answer, “Just three more months!” I get to watch people lose all composure and struggle to know if they should apologize or ask me if I’m joking or everyone’s favorite of saying, “You HAVE to be having twins.  Triplets even!”

Another thing I hear often– and I think it scared me back in the summer of 2013 but now I just laugh, but when people look at me and think I’m past my due date and I explain I have three more months (summer months, mind you lol) I will also often hear–

“Oh, you’re NOT going to make it, sweetie!”


I never know quite what to do with that one.

Do they mean I’m not going to make it to my due date?  (I will, and beyond I’m sure.)

Or I secretly wonder if they mean I literally will not make it? Like I will keel over mid July because no one can carry around a belly this big in the Missouri heat.

The truth is, I can.  And I will.

Me and my big belly full of not three, not two, nor four babies– but just one sweet and strong Captain of a baby boy.

Let me end with a quick pictorial journey from where I started this pregnancy:

(about 3 weeks along)

IMG_0523To where I am now:

(about 28 weeks along)

IMG_7275And to where I ended up last time:

(about 39 weeks along)

10365504_607905776672_7501780404957450923_oThat last picture seemed like a fitting way to end a post of laughs, because The Shippmate and I were on a late night walk to see a blood moon or something (?? I can’t remember) but I DO know that this picture was supposed to be of June (en utero) and the moon which looks VERY small compared to my belly!!!!

When June wakes up, I can’t wait to show her this, because she LOVES the moon now, and I’m SURE she’ll appreciate this first pic of June and The Moon.

Happy Wednesday, and I hope this post gave you a laugh or two for your day!

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So much happening.

There are seriously too many awesome distractions in my life right now.

I swear, it happens every May!

It’s too fantastic of a month to blog everyday, but yet that is why it’s the best for blogging too.  A Catch 22 if I’ve ever seen one.

I really wish February or January rhymed with everyday.

It would be so much easier.

Let me just name a few things that are distracting me tonight:

1.  I HAD TO FINISH THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN.  Oh my gosh.  I flew through that bad boy, and I’m actually relieved it’s over.  Normally with a book I’m loving, I dread the ending, but I needed this one to be over. The characters– as in every single one of them– were too stressful and dark and twisted for me, and I’m kind of glad to have them out of my mind, BUT I absolutely felt it was a good read and would recommend it!  (Not to mention, my definition of dark and twisted is probably a little more far reaching than some, so the characters might be totally normal and cool to you.)  (But I kind of hope not lol.)

OH, and not to brag (but I’m going to) but I literally text my friend at p. 88 with a semi-accurate idea of how it was going to end!  And then again at p. 266 with a for sure idea.  I realize 266 pages in isn’t that impressive (ha) but I thought my p.88 prediction was pretty intuitive.  I might be scared easily by these dysfunctional characters, but I can read ’em!  But because I had heard the twist at the end was so surprising, I kept thinking (even after p.266) that there was ANOTHER twist coming.  Which there wasn’t lol. It’s really hard to trick someone like myself that did read A LOT of Nancy Drew books growing up.

2.  The stupid Bachelorette.  Which I DID not waste my time with tonight, but did turn it on around 7 to see what I kind of already knew in that Britt was sent home and Kaitlyn is the new Bachelorette.  Our antennae wasn’t really cooperating (which I saw as a bit of a sign) so this may have happened and I missed it, but if I was Britt AND ESPECIALLY Kaitlyn, the minute Chris Harrison delivered me the news of who the guys chose, I’d be all:  WHAT WAS THE COUNT!?!  Like I would NEED to know if it was 13-12 or 21-4, etc.  But maybe that’s just me.  And personally Britt– I’m going to go to say you dodged a bullet.

3.  Dancing with the Stars Finale.  I actually don’t watch this show, but I tried to catch a few times this season to see Chris and my mom and grandma watch it, so I would catch things they mentioned, so I had it on while working on another project tonight, too.  Daniel Tiger was requested before it was over, so I’m not sure who won, but Rumer has it was Rumer.  (Don’t hate me because you ain’t me with that kind of clever.)  (This is why I should start blogging before 11pm lol.)

4.  June and her crazy adorable.  ALWAYS distracting me, so that’s not really limited to May.  But she did have the sweetest phone conversation with Ian tonight that made me want to laugh, cry, and bottle her 20 month self up to keep forever.  Ian is her 7 month old cousin (little bro to Roman who you see often as June’s partner in crime) and she called him with her (pretend) phone that I found while changing her crib sheets (she had her first bath in I don’t even know how long so it seemed like a good idea for fresh sheets too) and literally she held a conversation with him that was beyond precious.  Her side of it went a little something like this:

“Hello, Ian?  Hi!!  Aaa-kiss Bay Ro-Ro too?”

“Yes?  Okay!  What you doing?  Good?  Okay!!”

“Watching movie?  Which one?  OH!  Tiger!  ME TOO!”

“You go sleep now, okay?  Nigh nigh, Ian!  Love you, miss you!”

I mean, COME ON.  I can’t even handle that kind of sweetness.  I wish Ian could have heard her!

5.  I found this folder in Facebook Messages tonight called OTHER.  I did not even know it existed, and I’m seriously HORRIBLE at FB messages always— the non-other kind– like it hurts my heart how bad I am at replying there and I have so many messages I haven’t even opened, but anyway in searching for something, I came across hundreds of messages I didn’t even know existed!?!?!  So I’ve been ignoring all of THOSE completely unintentionally, and if you’ve sent me one or three or 10 FB messages since 2007, and I haven’t replied, I’m so sorry.  I really wish I was better at them.  I used to be better at them when I was single and they were from guys.  I don’t know what that says about me, but probably something not great lol.

6.  David Letterman.  I stayed up late to blog, thinking all distractions were over and done, and then I remember tomorrow night is his last night, so HOW AM I NOT GOING TO WATCH!?  I LOVE Letterman.  Like embarrassingly have always had a crush on him.  I prefer him over all of the others, and I’m watching him right now while trying to simultaneously blog.


But before I end this post of distractions, I do have one more thing to say.

I had the best “wow that worked out nicely” timing of a day.  So before I left to drive to Lee’s Summit this morning to meet some friends at another park (#parkeveryday) I posted on Facebook that I had a 30 minute drive in front of me and about 30 minutes of The Girl on the Train left and WHY CAN’T JUNE READ YET?!!?


But then I get on the road and in an unprecedented move, June fell asleep before we arrived at Chipotle (where we were meeting our friends for lunch before the park) AND I was about 10 minutes earlier than them (THIS ALSO IS UNPRECEDENTED) so I was granted 10 minutes of SSR.

Which is Silent Sustained Reading, in case you didn’t attend elementary school in the 90s.

It was glorious.

Then after a sweet lunch date and even more fun at a great park in Lee’s Summit with our friends, June should have completely fallen asleep on our car ride home after playing so hard for over 2 hours.  But instead, she stayed awake and talked to me, which meant her nap time was not lost on me driving, and I put her down for a nap when we got home and got to sit down to read some more!

I couldn’t believe it.

(Nevermind that the time she went down for that nap was 5pm, and my Shippmate would lecture me when he got home shortly after about how she shouldn’t be napping at 5pm if we’re going to start this thing he wants to implement in an earlier bed time….  whoops.  I tried to explain to him:  PRIORITIES BABE- I AM GETTING TO FINISH THIS BOOK.  But he has this craaaaazy — and maybe logical and thoughtful and wise, but don’t you dare tell him I said that– idea that we should get June on this schedule of going to bed before 10pm before Captain comes so things will be less stressful.  I’m all– “let’s live the glory days before he gets here and we’ll all crash and burn when it changes!”  Hahahahaha.  Well, that and I like June being up with us and she normally goes to bed around 9:30 and then wakes up about 8:30-9am, and I find that quite fabulous, but anyway– her 5pm nap wasn’t quite as exciting to The Shipper.)

I didn’t quite finish my book during her nap due to Ryan coming home and The Lecture and then a fun dinner, just the two of us.  (His lecture was thankfully shortlived.)

But then I went outside later and finished in the solitude of my car.  While hearing a train go by, and I started the book laying out on our deck while also hearing a train go by.

Like I said, the timing of my day was pretty magical.

And so was our time at this super fun park with our dear friends.

Let me end this post (that began and was finished during the Dave Letterman Show) with some pictures from our adventures at the park…


photo 2 copy  photo 3 photo 3 copy  photo 4 photo 1


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Memorable Moments from My Monday.

1.  Last night, I went to look for my computer to message some girls from our gospel community about meeting for a park date today.  Literally when I grab my computer to message them, I get a message from Krystal suggesting the exact same thing!  I love that kind of timing so much.

We made it a park and a pizza kind of afternoon, which I find a pretty sweet way to start the week.

IMG_7580 IMG_7576 IMG_7577 IMG_7579 IMG_7566 IMG_7567 IMG_75702.  Which resulted in June completely falling asleep on the short drive from Mazzios to our house.

There are things I do that make me feel all Shania-esque (with a minor edit) for some MAN- I FEEL LIKE A MAMA.

Carrying a Sleeping June inside is one of those and it’s one of my absolute favorites.

Nothing sweeter.

3.  After dropping her off in her crib, I nearly sprinted to our deck with The Girl on the Train.

IMG_7605I’m needing to be reading the rest of that book right now actually.


4.  Okay, this is my favorite.

So I’m cooking us dinner, and June pulls up her pink chair and just kind of sits in the middle of the kitchen.

Ryan says, “June- what are you doing?”

(she had been playing and cooking her own food while I was getting stuff ready)

June sits there looking a million kinds of adorable and says, “Watching Mommy cook.  YAY MOMMY!  GOOD JOB MOMMY!”

IMG_7607 IMG_7608 IMG_7609Is this legitimately my life!?!?!?

If I must be cooking in the kitchen, let it always be with a cheerleader of a June Harbor in the front row.

Goodness, I love this life I get to live.

5.  IMG_7614Sloppy Joes, sweet potatoes, pickles, and fruit.  Mmmmm.

6.  June currently loves racing– “ready, set, GO” and all, and Captain and I most enjoy participating with her.

IMG_7626 IMG_7627 IMG_7628 IMG_7629I know what you’re thinking… it’s so weird how I’m already 28 weeks and barely showing.  Not everyone can be so stealth with their pregnancy, I know.

Oh, and normally after racing, June wants to be held and/or enjoy a piggyback ride.

I’m thinking maybe our days are numbered on piggyback rides for the summer, as I feel like I’m already carrying enough baby lol.

IMG_76227.  Last and absolutely least would be that June watched The Bachelorette with me.

Well, she watched Daniel Tiger while I kind of watched this train wreck while more so hiding under my pillows because this two bachelorette thing literally takes the madness to a whole new level of horrible that I can’t even deny.

(In the event anyone is wondering, I actually like Britt–aka Topanga– more.  I think Kaitlyn gets to go on, which will make more people happy because I think girls- aka the target audience- like her more, but I just find her humor a little rude and snarky instead of clever and fun.  But of course, because ABC is ABC and does this kind of crap to us, no one– well only those few of us that haven’t read Reality Steve lol– will know “the big news” until tomorrow night.  Blah. Get it all done in one night, ABC.  Especially when you drag that dramafest out over the course of TWO HOURS?!!)

I do have to share the best part about June watching Daniel Tiger while I was watching The Bachelorette.

June looks at me and says, “Mama- take a deep breath (June takes a very exaggerated deep breath in the cutest way ever) and count to four– 1….2…3…. 8,9,10…. 4!!!!”

Which is what Tiger teaches people to do when they’re mad, and it just felt perfectly appropriate for me to do while watching the horror story that is The Bachelorette.

That’s my Monday, folks.

It was all kinds of fun, and I love that my job allows for Mondays to be whatever it is I choose to make of them.

But I especially cannot get over the fact I have a daughter that sits and watches me cook while cheering for me.  It’s too much.

Happy Monday all.

(Yes, I’m typing as fast as I can to go figure out which of these dysfunctional and CRAZY characters is responsible for what happened in The Girl on the Train.)

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A Past Post, A Prayer Request, and then a PS too.

I have two thoughts tonight.

1. This is going to be a short post, because I started a good book (which I really shouldn’t be allowed to do in conjunction with EVERYDAY IN MAY), but I did see an old post from a year ago today via Time Hop that I want to share with you, because it has more words and includes a great list of all of the annoyances of my May 17th (of 2013) that you might enjoy.

If you’re in the mood for a good gripefest that accidentally goes all positive, click HERE.

(PS: The glider that I mention in that very post is still gliding and I adore it so much!)

2.  I have had this family on my heart all day, and I would like to request you to join me in prayer for them.

You can read more about their story at this link HERE.

I do not know the coach or his wife and kids at all, but I am friends with a fellow coach that worked with him.

And when I saw this prayer request shared last night on Facebook, I almost had to quit reading the story, because it hurt my heart so much.

It’s not something I’m proud of, and I continually have to work through it with Jesus (and continually fail at it) but I struggle with a fear of losing my parents and/or Shippmate in a car accident.  I don’t know why I fear car wrecks, but I do, and this story just literally has made my stomach hurt for the wife and her two babies.

I cannot fathom losing Ryan.  Like ugh– cannot even type about it without losing it.  Major tears on my keyboard and he’s not even home for me to go hug and love on.  There is just no one in the world that could ever get me like he does and I cannot even imagine raising June and Captain with ANYONE but their Daddy?  Oh, it kills me to even go there in my mind.

Please pray for Peter’s wife, Austin and their two kids, Lyla and Jude, as they hopefully know Jesus and can cling to Him during this nightmare of a tragedy.

On a little brighter note (because I hate ending with complete horrifying and hard news) here’s a story to make you smile from the mouths of my two favorite people on the planet:


We’re eating dinner when The Shippmate hands June her water cup and she immediately checks it out and says- “Ice please, Daddy! I like ice!”

Ryan- “Ahhh, you Dyer women.”

me- “Babe- actually she’s not a Dyer woman…”

Ryan- “Oh, but she is.”


‪#‎welikeice‬ ‪#‎likemotherlikedaughter‬ ‪#‎andgrammytoo

PS:  I had the best lunch at Applebee’s with my Shippmate today.  The food was good, but the best part came from just the great talk we had.

(June was still with Grammy and Pa from their sleepover)

(yes, I cried this morning because I missed her)

We talked about everything and nothing.

While I did miss June, I also adore time with just Ryan.  We have the best talks, and I’m so beyond thankful to have him as my Shippmate.

Or to quote Vince Vaughn from a favorite of ours in Couples Retreat–

“But whoever that person is, you have to listen to their stories too or they’re not going to go to Applebee’s with you. You’re not going to have someone to go to Applebee’s with. You’ll be sitting by yourself, eventually, at Applebee’s all alone. And who wants to go to Applebee’s by themselves?”

Thanks for being my person to go to Applebee’s with, Shippmate.  You’re my favorite.


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