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Friday Night Parenting

The weird thing about parenting is that it’s everything you worried about but it’s actually not scary or lame at all, but just a new kind of wonderful.

I remember spending a good portion of my pregnancy with June wondering WHAT WE HAD JUST DONE TO OUR ONCE COOL AND EVENTFUL LIVES.
Like maybe we’d never do fun things or go cool places or just decide to vaca at Mexico because beaches are fun and we’re young and free and whatever.
Maybe we’d never sleep again and we’d spend her whole first year of life just walking around in a foggy daze with no idea what happened to us.
And it was nothing like that.
We slept.  Her first year was a breeze and beautiful and full of more love and laughter and adventure than I’d ever known.
So much so we immediately wanted to get pregnant and do it all again.
It took a little longer than we thought but in perfect timing, Smith Bomb came into our lives.
But not before I spent a good portion of his pregnancy wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD I WAS DOING TO JUNE AND OUR SIMPLE LITTLE EASY FAMILY OF THREE!?
With his arrival there were new challenges (mostly like lifting him lol) but the transition from 1 to 2 was NOT without meltdowns and tears and me getting mono made it all super tricky and hard, but we completely did it.
In a way that I look back at pictures I NEEDED to have of just June, Ryan, and I to “treasure forever” and when I look at them now, I can’t believe the huge void those pictures I thought I needed are missing!  Our Smiff Bomb!
And here’s the thing– those fears I had back in the summer of 2013 weren’t without merit— in fact, they were so spot on in so many ways.
Our lives absolutely look different.  We don’t go to what I formerly considered “cool places” and the idea of deciding last minute to take a Mexico 5th Honeymoon trip is laughable with all these kids and the entire suitcase of poisonous sunscreen I would have to pack and then eventually spend all of our trip applying.
But the weirdest and most wonderful part of all is that the new Friday night version of our lives is so much sweeter and more fun and more precious and wonderful than my 28 year old pregnant self could ever have known.
I ADORE a night at home with these crazy people I call my own.


….who are THANKFULLY all home with me on a Friday night!
I love that June has her Wacky Pack hat on while giddily giving us all a play-by-play of every character that is coming out on our family fave of Toy Story 3.
I love that Smith is crawling out of his room where I was about to do bedtime routine with him because he hears June so excited about Buzz Lightyear and he wants someone to play catch with him.
I love that my Shippmate and former favorite date night guy is in what he calls “pajamas” (The Shippmate NEVER wears sports clothes lol… like EVER lol) and is having some milk with leftover tea party cake I made.
It could be the pregnant girl in me, but I just couldn’t hold back the tears at how much I love this sweet life that I once feared would be lame or stressful or not cool.
And the best part?
This time I don’t have to freak out and think I’m ruining everyone’s lives with bringing a new life into our family.
(okay Best Friends reading this– I mean except for the time after I hit someone in Sonic and had already dealt with the dental bills and maybe DID already freak out– we’re not counting that and moving forward from here lol)
This time I can trust that life will be different and there will be things worthy of a respectful amount of nervous, but there’s no reason to actually worry because ultimately our new normal will emerge and be even sweeter than I could possibly imagine.
I’m so grateful for this life with a Shippmate who continually makes me laugh and loves me so well everyday, the most beautiful and clever firstborn daughter in all of the world in June Harbor Barbara Shippy, and the most handsome and loveable Smiff Bomb Shippy who truly is the son I never knew I always needed.
Baby in my belly— you’re going to be a part of something so fantastic.
If you don’t worry about the chaos that might become of us, I won’t either.
I promise you’re going to love it here with us.

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The Crazy That Precedes The Sweetness

For anyone that read my sweeter than sweet post about our Thursday Mexican Lasagna (or Miss Sonya ) Luncheon earlier, I was cleaning pics off my phone and came upon this series of pictures I decided I needed to share.

IMG_5087 IMG_5088 IMG_5089
If you missed that post, you can see it HERE.

It’s such a goal of mine– such a prayer of mine– to try to be REAL.
Or keep it #100  like the cool kids say.
Because I blog and document our lives– which 93% of the time is honest to blog FOR ME — like I want to have things documented and remembered forever– I KNOW that sometimes it can become a “highlight reel.”
Which is hard.
Because I want it to be real, but when my whole family was trying to go to the pool one Saturday in June and we were ALL losing our shit, I just didn’t know how to bust out my iPhone and be like:
“HEY!  Kids– let me capture you melting down while Daddy is going inside because we’re arguing and I’m being rude and selfish…
Everybody say, LIFE SUCKS on three!!!!”
Yeah, so that’s just hard to do.
I mean how in the world could I even get us all in that shot with a Shippmate who was abandoning ship and heading inside and two rearfacing kids?
So anyway, I really do try to blog and explain things like the fact Ryan and I fight.  Or like the fact my kids aren’t always perfect and they definitely do annoying or bad things.  Or like the fact I cuss sometimes.  Whoops.
But overall, my Facebook and blog is likely a “highlight reel” just because that’s the nature of the beast.
But as I was cleaning off my phone and saw these pictures, I just had to share them.
Because while I did have THE sweetest lunch with my baby girl and then my love of a Shippmate and my mama, too (I have NOT been leaving my Smith Bomb out of this luncheon– the little stinker just slept through our lunch party) — the journey to get there this morning was a little rough.

So when you see sweet pics like these:


You can’t see the annoying June, Smith, and I encountered to get there.
You can’t see the fact I started cooking with both of them DESPERATELY wanting my attention.
You can’t see that I started making lunch while simultaneously finishing our 10am family breakfast.
You can’t see that right as I started to throw in the taco seasoning, I realized we didn’t have any.
You then can’t see that I decided to make it from scratch (which for the record I get no kind of joy from and LOVE things already made for me– PRE-PACKAGED WITH ALL THE BAD STUFF THAT IS KILLING ME FOR PRESIDENT) and got all 42 spices out to realize I’m out of cumin.
So I Google “what can I substitute for cumin” and Siri who nearly always provides something came back with— “basically nothing” LOL.
So then I look down at my naked children and decide the 2 year old has to get dressed and shoes on, so I scoop up the 34 pound 10 month old while getting June dressed so we can walk across the street to borrow some cumin from our dear neighbor!
You also can’t see that then I get home with my million kids, finish the taco seasoning step that should take .2 seconds and has taken forever but finally begin to assemble the Mexi Lasagna to see my one 9×13 pan is hosting some brownies we’re having for dessert.
Yes, I’m such an accomplished housewife and cook that I have ONE– read it again ONE— 9 x 13 pan.
So I scoop those brownies on to a plate, wash my one pan, assemble the lasagna, and cry out to Doc McStuffins to save us all!
June watches our favorite Doc, Smith has done amazingly well playing on the floor (albeit he nearly put a tiny nail in his mouth that was dropped from my photo wall day yesterday) and he’s ready for a nap, so I put him down before coming in to tackle cleaning the kitchen while the lasagna cooks.
Which yes, involved screwing on 42 lids to all those dang spices.
Thankfully it only took me one episode of Doc McStuffins to sparkle that mess of a kitchen right up, set the table, chop some fresh veggies to go with lunch and set our table!
And you know the rest of the story from there.
It was all rainbows and unicorns and butterflies and sweetness.
But just know– the path to the rainbow– well it often involves some really annoying and untimely rain.

It’s just so much easier to snap a picture of the rainbow and forget about the rain that is already dry and done with.


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The Grand of our Pa.

With Father’s Day weekend upon us, a story about the power and beauty of a father and grandfather’s love for his people.

Tonight, my mom and dad brought June home from The Third Annual Grammy Camp.  This year was the first year they ventured out to another state for a trip together.  Which meant my parents took a 2 year old June and a 3 year old Roman aka two newly potty trained peeps on all day and evening adventures all over.

They had an abundance of fun, but I can also trust equal amounts of trips to various restrooms!

It also meant my dad used his one vacation week to spend 4 of the 5 days taking care of grandkids.

I am certain he had a great time, but I am also certain it was no kind of “vacation.”

That’s not even what this story was supposed to be about, but just in getting to where I’m going, I had to point out the grand of our Pa in his choice of how he spent his one week off from UPS.

So, Grammy and Pa are dropping June off, and The Shippmate, Smithers, and I were outside shooting hoops with our chalk of a welcome sign awaiting our June.

I was so excited to get my hands on my Juniper that I had really missed that I nearly missed an entirely different long lost reunion happening.

Between Smith Dyer Shippy and his Pa.

Smith LOVES my dad.

Like he sees Pa, and his face lights up and/or looks frustrated until someone gets him in Pa’s arms.

(the frustrations of not really being able to move on your own yet lol)

Tonight was no exception.  He was dying to be reunited with the Pa he hasn’t got to see for a few days.

As soon as Pa gets him: CUE THE INSTANT BIG GRIN.

It’s seriously priceless.

Then tonight, my mom was wanting to get some Smithy snuggles, so she goes to take him from my dad, and y’all– HE CLINGS TO PA!!!!!

This is not the first time he has done this to people trying to take him from Pa, but he was so persistent and playful with it, that my mom kept trying and we were all just dying laughing watching him keep denying any attempt to remove him from Pa’s arms!

Finally, when my dad was going to be leaving, I took Smith (and I must say I am ACTUALLY his favorite person lol) and he was kind of whimpering to me like he wasn’t ready yet and pulls his body toward Pa!

Which, let me just say, if you’re not used to holding a 33 pound Smith Shippy, you need be warned, if Pa walks in the room- HOLD ON TIGHT because when Smith wants to jerk around to where he wants to go, he might almost knock you over.

The whole scene reminded me of something I’ve meant to write about months ago.

In fact, in the notes section of my iPhone there is a folder for all “things I need to blog about” and it’s forever long and many of them will never make here to The Dyer-E, but this one– albeit months late– is finally going to arrive here to be documented and remembered forever.

Smith was a little over 3 months old, and I saw him very clearly “recognize” his Pa.

He clearly had become aware and knew my face/voice, along with Ryan’s and June’s, but as for people outside of those who live here with him, he had not really “known” anyone yet.

Until one Tuesday when my dad came over to spend some time with us.

I saw it.

Smith looked up and knew his Pa had arrived.

And not solely because June was sprinting to the door screaming PAAAAAAA! like she does when he comes over, but because Smith saw him and knew him.

I don’t remember noting this so prevalently with June’s first recognition of someone, but it was so very clear and a bit shocking to me with Smith, that there was just no missing this grand act and display of love and affection between a boy and his Pa.

This meant so much to me that day for several reasons.

The first being that I love watching Smith (and June) adore and love their Pa.  To see them grandly reciprocate the kind of love they’re given from my dad is so special to me.

The second being that such a recognition and love and adoration from a 3 month old baby boy does not come without tremendous effort.  For my own son to be just 90 days new in this world and to see my dad’s face and know him is physical proof of the countless hours of time and love and care my dad had invested in the life of his grandson.

From the day I told my parents I was pregnant with The Captain that would become Smith, they said my dad would wait to find a job after retiring from education until after Smith was born and I was settled and ready.

This was HUGE to me.  Even in the womb, Smith was already being provided for and taken care of by Pa, because it was a tremendous calm for me to know my dad would be there for me and million kids after Smith’s arrival.  That eased so many worries I had about figuring the two kid thing out.  It calmed my nerves about June feeling left out or me not getting to love on them both like I needed to.

Not only that, but my dad was a huge part of Smith’s arrival.

I wanted my mom to be at the hospital with me, and I would have loved my dad there, too, but I needed someone so close to June to be with her, too.

The second time around is so different in the fact a huge piece of your heart can’t be at the hospital with you but needs to be in the best of care, and I had complete peace and assurance knowing June would be with her Pa.

Not to mention that June LOVED that plan as we were preparing for Smith’s arrival in those last weeks.

Knowing my dad would be with June and bring her to meet her brother meant so much to me.

It also might have involved an instance of a false alarm in which I called my dad in the middle of the night and he drove all the way to Warrensburg while The Shippmate and I got on 50 highway only a few miles before I made an embarrassed (but very Annie Banks Mackenzie) walk of shame back up the stairs and in the house… still pregnant!

My dad was so patient about kind about that confusion, and when the actual time did come— early in the morning on Wednesday, August 19th, my dad arrived as soon as could be and looked more excited than my contracting self felt at 5 in the morning!

I can’t even quite articulate how huge it was for me to walk out our door and go labor with the complete assurance my dad would be there for June and she was loved and taken care of by the best.

While indirectly, it was already Pa forming a priceless bond with his grandson, because Smith was ready to come into this world and he needed a focused and calm mama to deliver!

The days and weeks after Smith’s arrival, my dad was so much help.  When people ask sometimes if June was jealous after Smith came, I can honestly say she wasn’t.  But then I have to clarify a very present and retired Pa was absolutely to credit for such a feat.


My dad helped do housework, changed diapers, took June on walks to Pinto so I could just savor Smith in a way I’ll always always be the most grateful for, and then held Smith so I could play with June— he truly was the best and biggest of help, but even more than all the dishes done and diapers changed was the fact all three of us— June, Smith, and I– we really just had so much fun having him around to hang out with us during those days.

11947450_656601125802_2145675105803311383_n 11012528_660975898722_8071841713940673489_n
Having my dad’s company was huge for me when I was sick with mono– both as a morale boost, but also the unbelievable way in which he stepped in and helped with such a new and little (as in young, being that we know Smith has never been little lol) Smith Baby.  I will never forget one day in particular— I think the day I tested positive for mono and felt so stressed and overwhelmed on top of miserably sick– my dad had got Smith down for a nap while I was gone!  Smith was a few months old, and my dad was able to confidently care for him in a way that most grandpas would not be willing to do for a 4 month old baby!  I remember coming home so in awe of the way my dad had both kids napping, dishes done, and I think had also scrubbed some of stains off of our hardwood floor in the kitchen, too!!!!

And while all of that was obviously huge, I still contest that his company and his humor and conversation was the most important to me.  From being so sick and feeling down about being so sick much of the winter, just having the company of my dad after he had worked all night meant the world to me.

It was those hours and days and diapers and talks and visits that Smith quickly learned of this guy we all love and June calls her Pa.


I will always treasure the look I saw on Smith’s face when Pa was the first person he recognized and knew.

I will always treasure that look because it was so much more than a look, but the physical proof of the love and time and care invested in a grandson.

The love and time and care invested in Pa’s own daughter.

When I saw Smith “see” my dad, I saw a legacy of love.

Dad, I know there is part of you that probably feels a little off or lost not being at a school doing your thing that you’ve done so well the last 30 years until this year.

I really know that.  I see the Mr. Dyer and the Coach in you that misses aspects of education and a career that you both excelled at and one that meant a great deal to you.

But please know the hours and the time and memories you invested in Smith (and June and myself too) were huge.

They’ve shaped a relationship, set a firm foundation, and brought so much joy to me and my million kids.

10478691_672800926272_3302121312129209412_n 12109330_659702485652_8498162481294335671_n
Every time I see Smith light up to see you and prefer your arms over any others’ in a room, I’m reminded of the sacrifice and the gift we were given with your public school retirement so sweetly aligning with the birth of our Smith Bomb.

We love you, and we’re so grateful to call you our very own.

IMG_1807Our dad.

Our Pa.

And affectionately— our very own Zeke Braverman.

Happy Father’s Day to you.

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Hot Cars and Precious Babies

This post has been on my heart for over a week to write, and I just haven’t sat down to get it from my heart to the blog.

All day today, it was very pressing that I needed to write this TONIGHT.

I don’t know if that’s Jesus putting it on my heart for someone or myself or what, but it was the kind of persistent urging I was not going to ignore.

I took this picture from inside my van today:

100 degrees.

It was every kind of Missouri summer hot today.

I made the mistake of cooking dinner around 5pm, and then we baked cookies, and thus, our house was also cooking at an uncomfortable temperature (for us) at 78 degrees.

I was sweating folding laundry.

My point is– it’s hot, y’all.

It’s not even officially summer, but the temperatures are putting up a strong argument for this case.

And for a good week, I’ve been waiting to see the tragic headline that somewhere a baby was left in a hot car.

It’s been consistently on my mind for a week to write something.  To say something.

To just remind someone or everyone reading that we can’t let this happen.

And I say we, because it’s you and me both, people.

I cannot quite fathom how or why or what happens, but I just know every summer—it happens.

The mom or the dad– it seems to happen to both moms and dads alike– go to pick up their kid from day care only to sprint back to their car to find their precious baby still in their carseat in the backseat.

I can’t even.

Cannot even begin to imagine the horror, the terror, the guilt, the anger, the grief.

It’s unimaginable.

I don’t know why Jesus has put this on my heart so persistently.

Maybe as a reminder for someone to read this tonight that is about to have too busy of a tomorrow and needed to remember to not go in auto-pilot mode and forget the most important of cargo in your backseat.

Here’s what I do know– it’s so dang hot, you guys.

Those car seats get extra hot.

Those rearfacing babies are sweating away even with the car on and air going as they’re riding down the highway.

I also know this epidemic of babies left in cars seems to not discriminate.

My Shippmate read a very long journal article on the topic the first summer we had our Baby June.

Doctors, firemen, teachers, lawyers, every race, every socioeconomic group, males and females both — according to the research, anyone is capable of the unthinkable.

The only hope I have for this horrible epidemic is we can fix it.  We can prevent it.

There is a way.

Which is huge in a world where we can’t fix so many horrible things that aren’t happening.

I don’t have an answer on how we fix horrific tragedies like what happened early Sunday morning to those precious souls at the nightclub.

I don’t have an answer on how we fix alligators attacking sweet baby Lanes playing in the water at a Disney World resort.

I’ve felt physically ill imagining both of those tragic scenarios and even more sick with the helpless feeling of not knowing what we can do to prevent such a thing.

Which is where I feel as though we have some hope for this situation regarding babies left in carseats.

We can be intentional– whether that looks like putting your work bag or phone or handbag in the back next to the child or having a communication system with a spouse/daycare provided to assure all kids are accounted for — I don’t know what each individual system might look like, I just know we can work to make this summer one without losing a sweet, innocent baby to the horrific heat of a car they were left in.

13413794_682468801772_8931384134724506921_nCars are hot. Carseats are even hotter.

Babies are too precious.

Let’s do everything we can to prevent more sad news with summer heat upon us.

For any moms and dads reading that have lost a baby to heaven in this tragic kind of accident, I’m praying just for you tonight.  For your heart, for your loss, for your family, for your marriage— I am standing beside you in your pain and praying just for your heart.

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My June 9th Birthday

I feel like today should have accidentally been my birthday.

Not just because I wouldn’t mind sharing the day with Future President Harrison Meyer, but also because today was filled with so many of my favorite things!

I won’t include the part where people working on our street woke us all up waaaay earlier than usual with some major digging that made our house feel like it was vibrating.

June’s impression of what was going on when she woke up was hilarious.

Anyway, I just feel like the city or whoever does that kind of work could come by or email or FB or something the night before to say:

“Hey– we’re going to be up and drilling at the crack of 7am– just don’t freak out and think it’s an earthquake.”

And then if I was in charge of the city, I would include a free short stack of IHOP pancakes as my way of saying “sorry for disrupting your morning– go have some pancakes on us.”

I have no idea why I am not in charge of all of the things.

Anyway, we got up and got productive earlier than normal, so there’s the good part.

That and my mom was coming over.

Which always makes me want to put my house together in a little better way than we really live so she thinks I’m a better housewife than I really am.

Especially so today, because today was the day she was watching my kids for me (she kindly volunteered to watch them one full day every week this summer while she’s on summer BREAK which is no kind of break when you’re Grammy Robin Dyer and always doing for other people) and normally I would be taking them to her house, but the way all of our events of today worked out, it was better for her to come here.

Which was great, except I did NOT want her spending the time she wants to be loving on her grandbabies doing my dishes and putting stuff away, etc. and I knew she would get all of that done during their nap time or something if I left it, so I wanted to get the house in a pretty good order before leaving.

That is actually one of the favorite things of my day, too– the fact I spent a good hour of it cleaning and making our home nice and organized.

But then the best part of my day was that June and I had plans to go to our local movie theater’s summer kids’ movie series this morning.

When my mom had said she wanted to watch the kids on Thursday, I was all for it, but said I would just be with them part of the day, because I didn’t want to miss taking June to the movies.

My mom didn’t want me to miss out on my “me time” so she even offered to take the kids to the movies, which I appreciated, but I WANTED to go!

So originally we had planned to all four go.  I actually kind of had in my mind that it might be the best plan for her to stay with Smith and just me take June, but I didn’t want to mention that because I also loved the idea of my mom joining us.

Well because my mom is the absolute best, she called me last night and came to this realization on her own and suggested she play with Smith Bomb while I took June to the movies– just the two of us!

I was SO excited about that plan, and June was even MORE excited about it!

She LOVES saying, “I want it to be JUST Mommy and Junie time!!!” in all kinds of situations that really can’t be that, and honestly it really is rarely just the two of us anymore– and not because I don’t want it to be, but because I also just love it being me and Smith and June or our whole family of four.

So this was so special and so exciting and we chanted, “Juuuuuust Mommy and Junie Time” all the way to the theater!

Gram got there early and helped me get June ready- cue June’s hair being fluffily styled by Gram Bomb:

13413067_682399974702_1454321666331234175_nWomen of the 80s can’t help themselves with the excessive hair volume.

June even got to add a little more flair to her look at the theater while she got her face painted while I got our tickets and popcorn and drinks.

13312637_682399959732_3086449969182761647_n(Her purse from Grammy from Mexico KILLS me I love it so much.)

Also, I had called ahead yesterday to see if we could show up right at 10am and still get a ticket, assuming it didn’t sell out, and the guy on the phone told me they already had 250 kids RSVP-ed but that they open as many theaters as they need, so we could get there right on time and be good to go.

Which is exactly what we did.

We got our ticket, popcorn, and drink for the lovely price of $4 and walked in JUST as the movie was starting.

As you can see, it’s not some “kid-sized” drink or popcorn but the real deals, which we were both very excited about!

We walked in to see the theater we were in was PACKED.

I had a quick worry that maybe we should have gotten there a smidge earlier, but then thankfully we found two perfect seats that weren’t too close or too far away!

I just ADORE going to the movies.

The big screen.  The comfy seats.  The popcorn and good fountain drinks.

The exciting of the experience shared with someone you love— it’s really so magical and special to me always, but ESPECIALLY so with my June!

She is just the most precious little girl that has ever walked the face of the planet, and I teared up– honest to blog– just watching her maneuver her cup of fruit punch back and forth to the cupholder while holding and munching on her popcorn and sitting on the very edge of her seat because if she scooted further back, the seat would fold up on her tiny self!

Like, she did it all SO well.

I was so proud of her and just watching in adoration of how dang beautiful and adorable she is being such a big girl.

And due to the fact, we came right in to the movie starting, I didn’t remind her you don’t talk very loud during movies, so she immediately said:

“MOM!  What is that crazy girl’s name!?  She’s so funny!!!!”

In a voice that a good portion of the packed theater probably heard lol.

Speaking of packed theater, I LOVED that it was full.  I think it’s so much more fun and exciting when the theater is full and this was one of the most packed theater audiences I’ve ever been a part of!

The energy and the excitement of it was absolutely not lost on June.  She was loving every minute of the experience and even leaned over to me several times to say- “Mommy– this is so much fun– thank you for bringing me.  Just me and you!”

I die.

13435462_682399949752_246267629382806679_nAnd much to my surprise, we loved The Croods!

The storyline was so great and entertaining and I most definitely cried at the father/daughter scenes!

In addition to the excitement of a packed theater, I also think there’s just something so fun about having popcorn and a drink at the movies, and June wholeheartedly agrees!

She ate her entire bag of popcorn (maybe I should have stopped her now that I’m thinking about that lol) and it made me giggle when we both slurped the last drinks of our fruit punch and diet coke at the exact same time!

(which was with quite a bit of movie and popcorn left, so we ran out for a quick potty break and filled our cups with water)

It just really could not have been a better time.

We are already making plans for another Thursday morning movie date soon!

And all of this goodness and joy had occurred in our day before it was even noon!

(Oh, and I didn’t mention this, but quickly June decided her own seat was “not nice and cozy, Mommy” so she enjoyed the rest of the film on my lap, which I LOVED!  I did find out, however, from a sweet girl next to us that the theater has these things to make the seats stay down for kids!  If I bring Smith and June by myself, I likely will grab one of those to try, but for this “just Mommy and Junie” time, it was kind of sweet to have her on my lap instead!)

I took June home (the whole car ride home discussing our favorite scenes and characters from the movie), was able to feed my Smith Baby, rounded up a few things, and then left my two babies that were both all smiles and so happy to be staying home with their Grammy while I got on the road to Lee’s Summit to run several errands I’ve needed to get done.

I made multiple returns after enjoying a little lunch on my own, and then I went on a little shopping spree for the people of my fam.

Mostly for Ryan, as he is playing a show this weekend and never buys himself clothes but often mentions how he wishes he had cool things to wear.  So I decided I would surprise him and bring home some stuff for him.

It was actually such a successful shopping day in that I found some shorts I loved, a handbag I ordered online that I’m super excited about, an adorable outfit for June, a Royals shirt that I’m hoping might fit Smithers, annnnnd this $3 throw pillow I’ve looked at several Targets for in the last couple of weeks after seeing it at my friend Jen’s house!  The Lee’s Summit Target had ONE left, and I was so excited, as I love festive throw pillows and this one is too sweet and matches my living room decor perfectly:

13315734_682400109432_2658148930549006089_nI love everything about that pillow– the colors, the font, the meaning, the price– made me so happy to find it.

Something I adore about my June is that she is always the first to notice when I change out any decorations.  She immediately noticed the new decor I put on our mantle (also from the Target $3 bin!) and my new pillow.  I love her observant and sweet self, as she always has the nicest and sweetest things to say about my decor and I really do appreciate that!

And here are a few of my favorite finds for my favorite people:

13428494_682400568512_7319360813339688139_nJune’s Fourth of July outfit makes me so happy, and I know my girl will look a million kinds of sassy and cute in the fringe!

And I’m quite excited about the new non-cargo gray shorts for The Shippmate.

OH!  And I was super excited, because my little nephew Roman has recently taken quite a liking to Superman and I found him such a cool Superman shirt that I had to get it for him!  He was SO excited that he kept talking about it and holding it during dinner and even asked me to take the tag off to put on right away.  Made me so happy seeing him enjoy it so much.

I also got The Shippmate his 3rd wedding ring.  And yes, when you’ve lost two already, the ring might come from Rue 21 and be less than $2 and have skulls on it.

Whatever, man.

Just watch– he’ll wear this one until the day he dies.

After all the shopping, I made it home just in time to get my babes ready for our family pool trip!

We had made plans to do an evening swim with Grammy, Pa, Bailey and the boys, and it was such a great time. I picked up some pool balls at Target for the kids that we all enjoyed, and it was just a great evening to spend in the pool— playing and swimming and floating and on the slides!

13428514_682400094462_26269725058912814_n 13394088_682400274102_7115456644443349_n 13419226_682400423802_5724044440256504636_n 13423834_682400264122_7446722796510579149_n 13418705_682400069512_2833087935511742664_n 13343044_682400269112_4496451907753162893_n 13435562_682400284082_2889896617364185897_n 13417660_682400074502_7172338279325205346_nThen, as if it really was my own Oprah like version of My Favorite Things, we all went to Spin for dinner!

13407191_682400438772_6487970936615106789_n 13407134_682400443762_945093051300890424_n

I almost didn’t blog all this out, because I was too tired from all the goodness, but I’m so glad I took the time to do so, because I want to have my June 9th Birthday documented to remember always.

A clean house.

A magical movie date with my girl.

A shopping trip and lunch to myself while my babes are with the Grammy they love and adore.

Several sweet friend chats via Voxer all day long.

An evening swim with my family I love so much.

And last, but absolutely not least, my favorite salad and pizza with my loves.

And one more last on top of that last– taking the time to write it all out like my heart so appreciates.

It really couldn’t have been a better day.

Happy Accidental Birthday to Me!

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Hello, June.

Our first trip to the pool felt like something that need to be overdocumented, so here ya go.

13346516_681609359102_5426531153603538489_n 13312892_681609354112_1592207829805132821_n 13346776_681609498822_2392031533869716708_n 13346499_681609269282_5118639459914538563_n 13315795_681609488842_6725213296951095291_n 13312622_681609264292_7275395814472725768_n
13307492_681609324172_2895852852361531836_n 13332786_681609518782_901781733788584384_n 13325683_681609473872_6261103477199043300_n 13346434_681609369082_8655085418969247880_n
And bless, I can’t even lie to y’all.
My babies were still sleeping at 5:49pm.
We loaded up and arrived at 6:05pm (that alone was  worthy) and the pool closes at 7 LOL!
So uhhh, yeah.
I really shouldn’t brag about it going so well, but it still was SO much fun.
The place was empty, the kids’ area was in complete shade, and it was just a blast.
I left Smithers in his stroller for 30 minutes of our time– he was incredibly content to just watch us.
Oh my gosh, and when I went down the slide (kind of to show June it’s not scary and kind of because I love water slides ) I had to climb up semi-high and Smith was waving the biggest I’ve ever seen at me up there!!!  It was precious.
June was LOVING “just me and you swim time, Mommy” as I busted out some old swimming lessons moves and taught her a thing or two while also playing all sorts of games.
It was just such a sweet first pool experience with just me and my million kiddos.
13240003_681609688442_8595718201842273963_n 13332884_681609633552_6624773009237948175_n13325617_681609628562_285776190036333226_n
The Shipper was practicing with his band, so we grabbed dinner on the way home and also decided to go by Family Video, because we love living in the 1990s and frequenting such places.
Where else could June find things like this to model:
13321950_681609638542_5299570647366530856_n 13332748_681609658502_4180868680199135901_n
And we made sure to text the family group text to annoy Aunt Bailey and Uncle A who don’t believe in video stores and use newfangled ideas like Google Play to tell them not only were we back, but we were re-renting the same movie AGAIN!  Hahahaha.  (It was a free rental though– Toy Story of Terror!  We also paid a dollar for Little Mermaid which we’re all quite excited about, too.)
Anyway, I normally dread any night I’m on my own at night, but I think because it happens so sporadically, I always end up having such a sweet time just me and the kids.
The Shippmate was home for a good 15 minutes, and because my kids napped on different schedules today and I really didn’t get a break all day long, I did take those 15 minutes to run to the back deck in my swimsuit and read 15 minutes of Me Before You, because we have a movie date to see it tomorrow night.
And if you pay attention or have been around here long, yes, you will recall that I started reading this book LAST June!  As in my bookmark is an anniversary card to Ryan and I from my parents… from almost exactly a year ago LOL!  Clearly, I couldn’t put it down.  Ha, but no, it just felt depressing when I was pregnant with Smith, but JUST today I got halfway through the book and to a turning point of sorts when things are looking up and had I stuck with it, I think I would have finished it quickly and loved it like everyone else.  Whether I finish or not, I’m definitely so excited to see the movie tomorrow night!
But yeah, the kids and I did the pool, dinner, rented movies, came home and took a nice walk, and then baths and lotions and all sorts of bedtime things that did feel exhausting alone (mostly just because lifting Smith in and out of the bath is really a 4 person job) but now all my babies are sleeping, and I’m excited to hang out with The Shipper.
Who… let me just say totally won my heart over in every possible way I could be attracted to him by sending me him singing the song he wrote for me to walk down the aisle to on Voxer while we was rehearsing.
Ummmmm– YEAH.  I love that man, and as someone who was never that girl wanting a guy who sang/played guitar, I was clearly clueless how dang hot it would be to hear him sing TO ME.
On that note, I need to go love that man.
Good to be back, even if for a post that I thought was going to be a FB status (ha!) and copied and published on the blog when it hit 200 words lol.
A wonderful day— and night– in the life of the mom of these beautiful babies of mine.
We love June.

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Crying At The Finish Line


I did it.

Another year of blogging EVERYDAY IN MAY.

This year has without a doubt been the hardest.

The million kids gig made it no easy feat.

And yet, despite being so terribly inconvenient, it has felt so very necessary.  I feel so very called to write.  It’s not something I have to force or make happen– it’s something that extends from me as natural as breathing.  For as long as I can remember, I have been a lover of words.  Reading them, yes.  Writing them, yes.  Speaking them, yes.

In this 5th year of EVERYDAY IN MAY, I have felt a rhythm come with writing daily that makes me so confident that one day I will write a book.

It’s difficult to explain, but it’s an urging and a need deep inside of me.

More than I want to write a book, I just know I need to.

I actually have been both relieved and disappointed several times today realizing it’s the end of EVERYDAY IN MAY.

Relieved, because I want to sleep again.

It seems the only time I have to write is after everyone is in bed and things are put up and organized and suitable for my writing conditions, so thus many, many blogs this year started well after midnight.

(I really would ADORE an office.  With windows.  I already have a million and two things I would put in there to decorate and inspire me.  Especially my “Thank you for being obedient to write” sign from my dear friend Courtney.  I have that out in my living room– which is where I blog– and look to it often, Court.  It still means the world to me.)

Anyway, starting a blog at midnight has meant most of my blogs this month were just recaps of our day.

Which highly annoys me.

I had important things I wanted to share.

Tough things.

Like how on Mother’s Day when I was feeling sorry for myself and realized with a friend that the reason Mother’s Day is always going to be so dreadful is because the stakes are too high and the role we live and breathe as Moms is too big for anyone to accurately and fully celebrate.  And how it just feels like a slap in the face to get some basil in a huge pot when it’s like DO YOU REALIZE I GAVE BIRTH TO A 10 POUND 14 OUNCE SMITH SHIPPY AND HAVE BREASTFED HIM NONSTOP FOR THE LAST NINE MONTHS?????  Basil!!?!!  I even love basil, but it can’t measure up to the magnitude of love and honor I feel to be Mom to these million precious babies of mine.  Well, right smack in the middle of that whole rant (that I’m sure y’all remember) I had this thought.

I text my friend Ashleigh:

I wonder if Jesus feels this disappointed like we do every Christmas.

And she came back with:

Or Easter for that matter. I freaking died on a cross for you people and you’re hunting eggs!!

And it kind of broke my heart to think how much bigger His sacrifice and love and “days” in Easter and Christmas are, and how I’ve been so guilty of missing the opportunity to love Him and celebrate Him like He deserves.

Yep.  Had a whole post on that I wanted to write.

Speaking of Jesus, I also wanted to write a whole blog about church planting.

And how it’s so damn hard.

(Don’t worry– we do church in a bar.  I’m allowed to say damn when talking about it.)

But seriously— I had no idea.  I just blindly and rose colored glasses thought:


I’ve known that was going to happen since the day I met Ryan!

(Which is really true.  THE day we met, God put on my heart one day I would be at a church under the leadership of Atticus as a teaching pastor and Ryan as a worship pastor. Complete true story I can show you in Future Husband Notebook #8 of 12.)

Anyway, when I took what God put on my heart and daydreamed it out in my own world and terms, it was in a big mega church with lots of people in cool hipster clothes trying to be ironic and humble about how stylish we all were.

There were LOTS of programs and I got to speak weekly to women and teach and lead them while always looking really calmly beautiful while my million kids attended Gospel Kids in a building with tunnels and slides and ball pits.

So yeah, it was basically nothing like what church planting really is.

Since this is just me describing what my blog would have been about instead of the actual blog about it, I won’t go into all the details, but y’all— church planting is so hard for me.

I don’t like that we meet in a bar.  I DO NOT LIKE BARS.  Every week it stresses me out how it smells in there.  I’ve never in my life drank nor hung out in bars, and other than briefly thinking they were cool when I loved Coyote Ugly as a middle school girl, I basically am kind of scared of bars!

And here I am attending a church in one.

Not just that, but I desperately miss churchy people.

The ones that are in church on Sunday morning in their nice clothes sitting in pews not bar stools and using catchphrases like “DTR” and “bless your heart” and “quiet time” and using Bible highlighters and talking about being excited to see Chris Tomlin in concert Saturday before then heading out for a mission trip in another country.


And that is nothing– I mean NOTHING of what church planting is.

Church planting is like being on a mission trip but without the corny songs and matching t-shirts and you don’t get to be brave and bold for a week and then come home and return to your normal lives, but rather you’re ALWAYS on the mission trip.

Sometimes (pre-church planting) church kind of could almost feel like a country club.

And here’s the part I was going to admit in the blog I wanted to write about it all—

Lean in close, so no one will hear us.


I miss that.

And in the same breath I’m disgusted with myself for being so off in what church and sharing Jesus is supposed to be.

And if I was writing an actual blog about it I would list all of the things Pillar Church does well, because oh man– there are so many things.  Especially and namely the teaching, preaching, and singing.

Oh! And another blog I wanted to write was all about women and our body image after having babies.

But someone’s probably already written that one, and I might even still write it myself because I really do have so many thoughts on body image and postpartum and being beautiful and surgeries and “mommy makeovers.”

I also had so many important thoughts to share on my theory about girls and their obsession with Snapchat animal faces.

I’m only half kidding about that.

I had secret behind the scenes stories I wanted to tell from being on Jimmy Kimmel with my Superstar Smith Bomb.

I wanted to address my thoughts on Internet privacy.

I wanted to talk about how I’ve grown in what I can ignore and laugh off here in the world wide web of blogging and the Internet and crazy commenters.

So many thoughts I want to share and discuss.

And yet, they didn’t make it here on The Dyer-E.

But by golly— you know you loved reading every last detail of my carpet shopping experience, Catharine Zeller.

Despite missing some big topics I wanted to write about, it’s still the 31st of May, and I will go to sleep tonight knowing I set a goal to blog EVERYDAY IN MAY….

and I did it.

And it may seem like a small thing to some, but to me, it’s kind of big.

As I sat down to write this very post tonight, it was with a prayer, a Chris Tomlin song (#clichechristiangirl all day everyday, baby) and some tears.

The prayer thanking Jesus for giving me the ability to write and the voice to do so here on my little sacred (and painfully outdated) place of the Internet I like to call My Dyer-e.

The Chris Tomlin song, because certain songs– tonight Good Good Father– prepare my heart for writing.

And some tears, because this blog is so wildly important to me.

That’s scary and bold to say, but I mean it.

I fully realize it’s more important to me than anyone else.

Every May Day I think maybe someone will send me May Day flowers to commemorate their excitement for the start of this 5 year tradition.

And no one ever does.

And I don’t think a May 31st has happened in 5 years without me kind of looking around for a crowd cheering at the finish line.

The finish line that I simultaneously feel like I’m sprinting and limping across from a too busy of May with a million kids and a neglected kitchen, and yet– a heart so dang content that I made it.

But every May 31st, there is no one.

My Shippmate is normally annoyed with the time commitment it has taken by this point, not to mention a good two weeks behind on reading all my words.

I think the EVERYDAY part of EVERYDAY IN MAY annually stresses my mom out, as I’ve forever been a little too much for her “less is more” life mantra.

(and even so, she reads every one and almost always comments, too)

(which I greatly love and appreciate always)

This year, it was somewhere around the 13th of May that June started “blogging” on her own laptop to be like Mommy, so I found this new word in her vocabulary and play as a high five of support from her.

I must admit, so many of you leave me the best of comments.  And I’m so sadly behind on replies. I just told Ryan at dinner tonight that “reply to all nice things people wrote and posted when Smith was on JK” has been on to-do lists of mine for months and it keeps not happening.  Not to mention so many blog comments that I LOVE SO SO SO much…. and then don’t get them replied to.  Please know that I read every single comment and appreciate that kind of word support more than you know!  If “commenting on things I write” was a love language, it would be one of mine for sure, and I love you all for being the best — even when my replies are few.

But really, other than June “blogging” and all of the comments I adore– for the most part, as May 31st comes and goes, there is no crowd at the finish line.

It’s like I ran a whole half marathon and no one was at the end with oranges and applause and a medal to present me for my sweat and blood and hard work.

But here’s the thing.

The very, very surprising thing for a person like me that is a firstborn in every way possible and very much driven by approval and applause of those around me…

It doesn’t take anything away from the joy in my heart.

It’s the craziest thing, but quietly finishing the race with no one around to care– it leaves so much of the joy… the feeling of completion… the content in my heart… the celebration of a job well done…

It’s all for me.

I get to take it in and sit with it.

Here in my quiet living room with my tea and oils burning– I get to just cry.

Not tears of sadness because I’m alone at the finish line.

On the contrary!

Tears that mean I did it.  Even with no one around to notice or care— ESPECIALLY with no one around to notice or care– I did it.

Not because someone was cheering me on.

Not because there was any prize at the end of EVERYDAY IN MAY.

Not because someone told me I had to.

Not even because people were depending on me.

I did it for me.

I did it because something in my soul thirsts to write and starves for words to meet opportunity on the keyboard to become a blog here in My Dyer-E.

I don’t just WANT to write, but rather I NEED to write.

There is life in each word I type and each story I tell, and for five consecutive years I’ve found a way to prioritize (sometimes– okay often times– at the expense of my kitchen activity) in order to make words meet the blog EVERYDAY IN MAY.

For that, I am so proud.

And tonight– alone in my living room— I celebrate.

A goal met.  A job well done.  Another EVERYDAY IN MAY complete.

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Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day and a heartfelt thank you to all those— past and present– who have served our country.

I don’t appreciate you or think of you all enough, but I sincerely mean it when I say thank you for all you do so people like me can live in this great nation.

This wasn’t my favorite Memorial Day Weekend ever, as things were less than harmonious in my home (just keeping it real) but everyone is better and on the same page again, and HALLELUJAH because I do not love life as much when the love of my life and I aren’t in our zone and being Shippmatey lovey dovey.

You know you love someone when everything feels a little off when you’re not in the groove together.

That and I think I’m getting sick!

Which I’ve been so blissfully NOT sick for so long now and fears and memories from The Winter of Mono and Sick are haunting me as I hope this is just allergies to the max or something.

And yes, I’m fully regret not re-ordering Thieves when I ran out two weeks ago!

Snake oils for President!

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TWS (Typed While Sleeping)

I opened my computer on the couch and ACTUALLY fell asleep logging in.

I don’t know if it’s the million kids thing or what, but EVERYDAY IN MAY is killing me this year.

I’m so tired.

I want to write about important things– as in I have a LIST of 4 specific important blogs I wanted to write this month– and not one of them happened.

I think part of it is I’m constantly doing fun and busy things with all my kids and family and I just have no down time to blog.

Until 11:35 at night, and I’m so so so tired.

I want to tell stories from our day and explain things, but instead it’s just another post to say I’m too exhausted to post.


I’m sorry I’m a crappy blogger as of late.

I have so many things I want to say.

And type.

And tell.

And discuss.

And books I want to read.

And text messages I need to reply to.  I AM SO BEHIND. I am not ignoring anyone but I am failing to keep up with it all right now.

I need more hours in my day!

And on that note I have to sleep.

Good night, Moon.

I’m not convinced I’m not sleeping now, so yeah.

Also I’m sure it’s my very, very tired state, but I’m also overly emotional about how much I love my kids right now and cried after I tucked them in because I miss them.

That’s kind of strange, I’m sure, but if you knew how awesome and sweet and hilarious and fun and precious my kids are, it would probably make sense.

I love them so.

13339459_681173767032_654345599117082598_n 13340177_681227150052_6076760250312206410_o
And one last pic that I especially love of my two babies at Gospel Kids.

Don’t miss the way Smith is being such good listener to his teacher (Grammy!)— his little face melts me.  As does June’s whole look.

Gah, they’re the best.


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Our 5th Run for Rachel

I am ACTUALLY not writing tonight, but just throwing these pics on here because my eyes are a miserable kind of exhausted.

I cannot function on 5 hours of sleep.

Like CANNOT function.

I was irritable and annoyed and emotional and rude and frustrated and short and all gross feeling all day.

Sometimes people ask me how I’m so happy and enjoy staying home with my million kids.

I now have an answer.

In two words.

I. Sleep.


SLEEP.  I do it.  EVERY night I get a GOOD amount of sleep.


I do NOT know how moms go without sleep.

You all are amazing.

I am not.

I have to sleep.

And despite seeing a newborn baby on Facebook and wanting to have another one myself, I half wonder if I should stop at 2 perfect sleepers and call it good.

I’m kidding, but I just do not know how I will adjust if 2 kids have been amazing sleepers and then the 3rd ruins what I’ve got going here.

I’ll probably still love ’em but I can’t be sure.

What I can be sure of is June and Smith are champs and I adore them for a million and two reasons, but today especially for the fact they daily give me the gift of SLEEP.

And now, I’m going to go sleep myself.

PS:  I love Run for Rachel and the family that does this run every year for their sister, Rachel.  We walk in memory of Nanny, and it’s such a special tradition that I really do love.  Even without all my sleep lol.

13315303_681138996712_2978720469777773562_n 13330912_681138981742_4337091169266716132_n 13245409_681139141422_1332975963654937121_n 13267762_681139121462_8105541380059359673_n 13325452_681138916872_1666600267103170410_n 13335634_681139111482_6091243951103581718_n 13307357_681139106492_4624013939449537598_n 13315553_681138906892_6465663129009198146_n 13256010_681138896912_3418048978707643783_n 13321714_681138986732_4074002170635041561_n 13312608_681139011682_2287544496157137621_n 13315508_681138911882_5789128855323186615_n 13267910_681139116472_3999867817899070791_n 13312734_681139016672_4602190955335893430_n 13335557_681138901902_4081654774554177858_n

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