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A Sweet Farewell To Our First Home

Well, the time has come.

We were under contract with The New Home for a good 2 months, and when everyone around me– our realtor and lender alike– were feeling stressed that this nearly too good to be true foreclosure of a deal wasn’t going to happen, I was just as patient as ever.

And enjoying the borrowed time for my sentimental self to process leaving this place I’ve called home for the past 4 years with a good looking Shippmate, the two best cats ever, and most recently our sweetest Junebug.

Those two months were exactly what my heart needed.  Truly- a gift from God.

I soaked up a lot of lasts and enjoyed so many moments and attributes of this quaint duplex that we’ve come to love so very much.

Even the timing of having to say good-bye to Gaiser and Gatsby felt so strategically orchestrated by a God that loves me and knows my heart.  I was NOT okay last weekend.  Friday evening (my last night with the cats) I cried A LOT of tears.  And didn’t really sleep.

Then when I met their new owner (and have continued communication with her) I felt such a peace that they are in the VERY best of hands.  But it’s still been very, very weird to be in this home of ours without them.  Daily I see so many things that remind me of them– where they loved to look out the window, where they ate, or even just the way they would greet me when I walked in the house or be waiting in the windows when I pulled in the driveway.  This place is FULL of memories that speak so loudly of the huge presence they had in our lives, and for them to be welcomed into the best of homes just one week before our moving date could not have been better timing.

The way this chapter of our lives is coming together couldn’t have been written by anyone but a God that knows my heart so well.  (Or maybe Karen Kingsbury.)

So here we are with just a couple of nights left in this favorite place of mine, and I just needed to dedicate this EVERYDAY IN MAY post as a farewell to our dear sweet 402, Apt. A.

I had told Ryan we had to keep Thursday and Friday nights (before the big move Saturday morning) open so that we could have special and heartfelt last dinners here, and then life happened and my kitchen got packed, and I decided to just have that special last supper without the home cooking and just highlight on the sentimental lol.

So it looked like this:

As we sat down for this special dinner, I said to The Shippmate, “We’ve had a lot of good dinners in this kitchen…”

He nodded an appropriate “I’m trying to be sentimental for my wife” nod before laughing and saying, “Well…”

Then I was dying laughing as he said, “Or maybe a handful of good dinners in here!”


Maybe it was actually most appropriate that our last meal wasn’t home cooked after all.

We spent the next hour just enjoying our Chipotle and sharing memories from the last 4 years of making this place such a special first home of ours.

We reminisced of our first night here, several special grandparents’ dinners, celebrating first holidays here together, Christmas breakfasts for dinner with our faves, the way our microwave had to be opened with a knife for a good year, the moody of our water pressure in the shower, lots of memories with the cats, the special of Grandma Shippy roses, some less than pleasant fights we got through, some much more pleasant newlywed fun had all over this place, some crazy neighbors, some awesome neighbors, the time our elderly neighbor came over and asked me to get a splinter out of her foot with my own tweezers, the deer and groundhogs we see daily in backyard and my dad’s fascination with them, the many quick runs to our backyard grocery store, the few overnight guests we’ve had that had to sleep on our couch with our cats (Devan and Court- I’m talking to you two) or in our bed with us (now I’m talking to you, Cate) or on a questionable air mattress (Atticus, Bailey, Lori, Michael), when my mom came to stay with us after June and our home has never been so spotless since, walks around the block, our severe weather plan with no basement (thanks Brett and Keli), making June in this home, then 9 months later being in labor with her in the kitchen, and our favorite of moments here at The 402– bringing home our Baby June.

I also named the fact we enjoyed a lot of Jack Bauer, Bravermans, and Lost in this very living room, but my dearest Shippmate who is so wonderfully not sentimental and just what I need in such moments says, “Yeah… we did watch some good TV here, but the great news is we’re taking our TV with us!”

Ahhhh, I need that man in my life.

Not just because he balances my overly emotional self, but also because he meets me at my level even when it’s the most foreign thing to him.

Let me explain.

Tonight I was feeling a bit stressed about all we have left to do, I’m sick, June is sick, and while I feel like SO MUCH is done, it seems like there is also still SO MUCH left to do, too.  I got short with him while I’m here at The Old House and he was trying to get a hold of me on the phone from The New House (I can’t wait to reside under the same new roof lol) and instead of sending a rude text, he drove over here and came in so calmly and talked to me in such a nice way (after I had been rude) that I literally thought something had happened to someone in my family and he had to deliver that kind of bad news!!?!!

He pulled a chair out for me to sit in right next to him and was touching me nicely and just being SUPER nice and awesome to someone who was not that nice and awesome to him on the phone minutes before.

When I was freaking out thinking my family was in a car wreck or something, he looked at me with such sincere eyes and said, “No Erica– I’m just wanting you to calm down, know I love you, and trust me that this move is NOT going to be as stressful as you think.”

He then instructed me to sit down and write and assured me he would stay up and help me finish everything tomorrow night.

His kindness and sincerity naturally had me in tears.  I don’t even deserve such a Shippmate.  I adore him.

Which leads me to the reason I’m not going to be an emotional basket case about moving this weekend, because not only do I get to take our TV and Netflix capabilities with me to The New House, but I also get to take my two favorite people in this world.

And with that, I trust it will quickly become a home I love and adore just like this one.


All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.
-Havelock Ellis


6 Responses to A Sweet Farewell To Our First Home

  1. Nicole Elizabeth Weigum

    I love the openness in your blogs! Also, good luck with the move this weekend! Hope you guys LOVE your new home!

  2. Heather Fritter Vestal

    I so feel what you are going through, both good and bad. I was the perfect mixture of both overly excited about our new house and emotionally devastated to be leaving the only house we had made a home for 7 years. And I had the flu and pneumonia while moving. Good times ;-) your first home will always hold a special place in your heart. And it will take a while for the new place to feel like home. But one day you will be sitting there am it will feel like it is exactly where you need to be. Congrats on this new chapter. :)

  3. Kristina Corder Linke

    Two things. First, you guys fight?!?! I’d never have thought so! Seriously! And second, what happened with the whole tweezers and splinter story?? I have never heard about that!

  4. Taylor Rose

    I’m so jealous of your planet sub… had I known Ohio didn’t have planet sub I’d have probably had to think more about moving here…

  5. Ramona

    Gosh. I feel behind on your news! Didn’t know you were leaving your first little abode. Did you buy a place or renting somewhere close? Moving is a big deal but sounds like you’ve got a great and understanding co-pilot! :)

  6. Sheri Pfaff

    Dear Erica,
    Having moved 14 times in 28 years I have learned a phrase”rigid flexibility”. It has helped me realize that there are things I can do and things that I have to trust that God has under control. Control, being the word that I have had to some days struggle with. Your husband Ryan, is doing a beautiful job assuring you that he will lead you to safe places. He is a earthly extension of our heavenly father. Celebrate today and whatever it may bring. Change is so good and pushes us to a new level. Enjoy this new chapter!!
    Love, Sheri

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