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A Walk To Remember

As some sort of remedy for what has been a less than wonderful day, I decided to go on a walk.

Thinking the endorphins might just happy up my day.

While getting out the stroller that Graco claimed “easily openable with one hand” while holding June and some blankets, I proved how incredibly not easy it is to open with one hand as I dropped her blankets, knocking my phone to the pavement for complete shattering.

Despite the case that I bought to prevent that.

So if you’re counting– both Graco and Dualtek have lied to me at this point.

Then while on the blessed walk that is going to chipper up my Tuesday, I come upon what appears to be a nest of trackerjackers wanting to attack me and in trying to dodge them, my stroller wheel comes right off.

Yep. Of course it does.

And then I swallow some of the disgusting bugs and continue to cough the rest of my awesome walk.

Typing this I still feel them crawling in my throat, so I’m going to go ahead and count that idea of a walk turning my day around as a big bad loss.

Exercise and endorphins are apparently overrated, so since I’ve never thought cooking would make me happy, I guess I’ll go make dinner and see what happens.


6 Responses to A Walk To Remember

  1. Christa Arant

    Most of the time when we have days like those…we just give in and all go to bed early. The nice thing is…in the morning you get to start ALL over…and your baby will still wake up smiling. :)

  2. Brittani Dagen-Dulaney

    aw hang in there sweet pea<3

  3. Rachel Owens

    Wait, you SWALLOWED a tracker jacker?! Maybe if you give Ryan a kiss (you know, make good tv) you will be gifted some sort of magic medicine or maybe an early bedtime will do the trick :)

  4. Jennifer Dugan

    Holy moley sister! At least you tried :)

  5. Adi Morgan Truta

    Why was ur day bad BEFORE the walk and what the heck is a trackerjacker?

  6. Katrina Walker Goodwin

    Sorry that’s terrible. Sounds like you need a sponsor to send you some special medicine for your throat. I hope your night is getting better.:)

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