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June Harbor Shippy: Month #2

My dear Junie,

Here we are at Month #2, and life with you sincerely seems to get better every single day.  We truly could not love you more, little Junebug.


After feeding you this morning and a little play time on your playmat, I put you in your swing, so I could get some laundry going and get dressed.  I had everything all done, the grocery list made, the car loaded, and I just needed to load you up, but when I saw how perfectly sound asleep you were in your swing, I decided to get a quick start on your letter while you were snoozing rather than waking you to load you up.1384157_582960791622_412455851_n

This 2nd month of your life had a crazy start, as the first week of this second month was quite consumed with The Mastitis.  I mentioned in your first letter that “Mama Got The Mastitis” could be a country song with a sad and painful tune, and while I don’t want this month’s letter to be consumed with tales of infection and ER visits, I do have to share some sweet moments that came of it all.

So, first of all, it gave you plenty of cuddle time with Grammy and Grandpa, as they both took off work to come help around here while I got better.


I so enjoyed their company and help while I was very down and out.  In fact, the first night I realized I was getting really sick, I called your Grammy in tears and just needed her to come over to make everything better.  When you’re so incredibly sick, there is something wildly comforting about having your mom with you.  I hope I can take care of you as beautifully as my mom has always done for me.

And oh my goodness, your daddy.  June, he just couldn’t have been a better nurse for me.  I had a horrible fever with the whole ordeal, and one night in particular, I thought I was dying in the middle of the night.  It was so horrible– I was freezing cold to the point of intense shivering and then sweating and so uncomfortable, and your daddy kept rotating these cool wash cloths for me.  It literally made me feel better, but also just the gesture of love meant so much to me.  You’re going to be such a blessed girl to grow up with a dad that loves you so much, but also having a front row seat to the way my Shippmate (this is what I call your daddy) loves me in such a powerful and precious way. He’s my favorite.

Unfortunately, the mastitis got worse before it got better.  Funny enough, I remember one of the nights I was so so so sick, I heard my mom (your Grammy) telling Ryan (your daddy) that ever since I was a little girl, when I get sick, it’s never something easy or simple, but it’s usually pretty severe and gets bad.  Mamas know their girls, because that is exactly what happened with this.  Long story short, it resulted in two different trips to the ER.  Which I had never actually been to the ER in all of my life, and it’s way less Seattle Grace-ish than I had pictured.  (Ha- I was just thinking you won’t understand that reference, but actually by the time you read this, McDreamy might be a regular on Nick-at-Nite and maybe you will lol.)

So, by the second trip to the ER, I actually FELT a million times better (after lots of meds that I so worried would affect you, but I had no choice, and they so thankfully did not) but I had to go back to be checked, because the infection site had become bigger for some unforeseen reason.  But since I felt better, the whole experience was much more Shippmate style in that your daddy and I were making jokes, taking pictures, and just having quite the time in our little ER cubicle of a room.


You missed out on this time with us, but you were in the best hands, because Grammy and Grandpa had met us at St. Luke’s and they were loving the time with you.  And then your Aunt Bailey and Uncle Atticus came over with your favorite little cousin after they got out of church, so it was a full on Sunday party in the St. Luke’s ER.

IMG_5015IMG_4990Please note the trash bag your Grammy brought to use as an extra protective barrier between your sweet bum and the hospital furniture.  Bahahaha- I love your Grammy so much.

When I had finally been seen by the surgeons and everyone that needed to check out my infection, your daddy and I came to the cafeteria to feel like we were just joining the fam for a Sunday dinner to watch the Chiefs.


So we did just that.  After the pain, the sickness, and the drama that had been The Mastitis, it was such a perfect ending to it all to enjoy some quality hospital food while watching the Chiefs win with the whole family.

Also, your daddy and I shared some hilarious adventures we had back in the ER, including an awkward encounter with our nurse.  So this same (male) nurse had been with me all morning, and as he was taking out my IV for me to leave, I was just making small talk and said, “So what time do you get off?”

(Your dad would tell you that I was smiling and looked really friendly asking this– which MAYBE I did, but only because I am a smiley and friendly person lol.)

But before our nurse (that earlier your dad asked for some oxycontin- OH MY SHIPPMATE) could answer, your dad says, “Uhhhh, I’m right here!?!?”

He was kidding but just loved making this situation awkward, but our poor nurse didn’t get the humor and looked so stressed/embarrassed/unsure what to say.

Your dad and I laughed so hard all the way out of the ER about that crazy adventure!

And with that, the sad tune of Mama Got The Mastitis was so thankfully coming to an end.

The next few weeks of your second month of life brought us so much fun and excitement, Juniper.  Every single day is an adventure with you.

Here are The Very June Shippy Moments We Want To Remember Always:

1.  Your first football game!  It was super special, because you got to see your cousin Chloie cheering AND your cousin Keagan doing his thing on the field.


Not only that, but you had your first taste of how cool nights on the sidelines of a football field often bring family together.



The Magic of Friday Night Lights…

On a Tuesday night. ;)

2.  Your first visit to MeMaw and PaPa’s house!

IMG_5500Your MeMaw had so sweetly washed and set up baby stuff everywhere, and she even washed it all with special detergent for babies that your own mom doesn’t even use lol.


Your PaPa took your daddy and I on a ride to see the new cows, and so you got some one-on-one time with your MeMaw.


3.  Your first pumpkin patch was so exciting to me, because I’ve always loved pumpkin patches, and this year was my absolute favorite getting to take you.


You were THE cutest little pumpkin in the patch!

4.  As I was talking to your dad about what all I needed to include in this month’s post, he reminded me of the craziness that happened this month in the form of packing away SO MANY of your clothes!  Somehow, our little Junebug no longer fits in any of her newborn, or 0-3 outfits!?!


5.  We wanted to include for you the details of our nightly routine with you, Junebug.  It all starts around 5 or 6-ish when you like to eat… A LOT.  The technical name for this all evening breastfeeding buffet is “cluster feeding,” and we’re told it’s why you were capable of sleeping through the night from night one here at home.  And thus, we are very much okay with it lol.

After a last feeding at about 11pm or so, I will hand you off to your daddy where he takes you away to our bedroom.  (Even though you have the coolest nursery and crib from Grammy and Grandpa, you still sleep in our room for now.  We like having you close by!)

I don’t even know the exact details of what your daddy (aka The Baby Whisperer) does during this time, but I do know he turns all the lights off besides this little nightlight we have in the room now for you, he turns on the white noise machine, swaddles you up nice and cozy, and I always hear him singing you to sleep!  The nightly serenade includes but it is not limited to the graduation song and Chicken Fried.

He is SO good at putting you to bed that I often joke I’m not sure what would happen without him here, as I’m not even kidding you Juners, but he’s done it every night of your life thus far.

So with this letter to you in mind, I decided to snap a picture of you and him during this nightly routine one night.  What I did NOT anticipate was the killer flash that went off and the death glare I received from my Shippmate that had worked so hard to get you sound asleep lol!

Thankfully, the flash did not wake you AND we have a picture to remember your dad’s special way of putting you to bed.  Win win.


6.  Your Grammy and Grandpa annually have a hayride at their house (it used to be my birthday party when I was growing up!) and it’s such a good time.  Lots of (my) Mom and Dad’s friends bring their kids, and I clearly remember last year thinking how fun it would be one day to bring my own baby, but I had NO idea it would be this year!

It was so much fun having you at such a favorite October event of mine, baby girl.


So, we didn’t actually let you go on the ride, but took some pictures nonetheless.  Next year can be your actual first RIDE!

7.  You still just love bath time, and every time we give you a bath, I think to myself, “We need to invite someone over during bathtime so they can just photograph every minute of how precious you are in your bath” lol.


I’m sure some parents bathe their babies by themselves– as in the mom just does it by herself or just the dad does, but for The Shippmates it’s a two person job.

And a Shippmate Family Bonding Time.

8.  Month #2 you had your first play dates!


Two playdates in one day actually, Junie.  You had so much fun with Roman and Marley and then went from Corder (where Roman’s PaPa has his farm) to Alma to see our favorite Meyer twins!  Avery and Brady were excited to see you, but not excited enough to wake up lol.

It was such a fun day with you, Junebug.

9.  So, I had always heard that all babies love car rides.

And that would just not be true!

Just like you came into this world in your very own time (late and on the only day in a month time that our birth photographer, doctor, and doula all three weren’t available) you are a unique little lady in your disdain for the car.

It’s really the only time we hear you cry.  And girlfriend, YOU CAN CRY.

Your cry is strong and demanding and in it, I hear strength and determination of the girl you’re going to be one day.

I’m getting better at not wanting to cry at the sound of you being upset, because I know you’re okay and healthy, but just not always a fan of our car trips.  We do everything we can to make them more enjoyable for you, and sometimes it works!  Especially when we bust out your favorite giraffe toy and this crinkly little toy that your daddy discovered you love!  It’s getting better, but on one trip to go shopping with Grammy, you cried so hard and so loud the whole drive, and then when I got out to get you out of the backseat, I kid you not, Juners, but the second you saw me– I hadn’t even got you out yet– the crying STOPPED!  You know what you want, little missy, and I love you for it.

Also, that day was the first time I ever saw a tear come out of your eye.  So naturally I took a picture.


But it wasn’t long before you were cozy in Grammy’s arms and very, very content.


11.  I had to snap this shot of some Side Magic with Daddy.  June- seriously, your dad is the best at soothing you.  Since he can’t feed you, he has to be quite a bit more creative than I do, and within days of being home from the hospital he was reading up on ways to make you happy.  I honestly don’t even know the details of all of them, but I know it involves a lot of S’s lol, and I know you LOVE how your daddy works The Side Magic with you!

Like so:


12.  Way back when I was pregnant with you, some of our family mentioned throwing a shower for you.  It was later in my pregnancy and while normally I love big gatherings, I was feeling a bit worn out and loved when your Great-Aunt Janet suggested we could even wait and have it once you were here to be there with us!  I’m SO glad we waited, because it was SO SO SO much fun having you there with us!

And the theme of the evening was celebrating Our Little Pumpkin!  Which I cannot communicate to you how perfect that was, because I’ve called you my little pumpkin since we brought you home from the hospital.  Not to mention how much your mama loves pumpkins and all things fall… it was just the perfect theme for this party!


IMG_2143IMG_2148Precious pumpkins everywhere wasn’t all… your family did just the sweetest thing by all giving you their own favorite childhood book to expand your library at home.  I have always loved when people write in books, and everyone wrote a little message to you in the cover of their book.  This is something that meant so much to me, and I know it will be so special to you, too, June.  You’re such a blessed baby to be surrounded by so many people that love you so much!

Oh, and let me just tell you, Junebug- you got some stellar reads out of the deal!  Your family has some awesome taste in their literary choices.


It was such a sweet night celebrating our little pumpkin.

13.  Your first time wearing jeans!  And let me tell you– getting those bad boys on you was no easy task lol.  It kind of reminded your mama of the joy of jumping into skinny jeans!IMG_6009

14.  Your first Berenstain Bears book!  These have always been a favorite of mine, June, and I am so incredibly excited to introduce you to the adventures of Brother and Sister Bear.  You’re just going to love them.  This book is exceptionally special, because it was given to you by your Aunt Rachel who is a very dear friend of mine.  Her mom remembered my adoration for this sweet bear family from way back when I was in 2nd grade!

And funny enough, your mama’s 7th grade teacher, Mr. Kohler, knew our family (as in me, Uncle Atticus, Grammy and Grandpa) and he always referred to our family as The Berenstain Bears lol.  You’ll read to understand this was a compliment, and I’m excited to have my own little Berenstain Bear kind of family with you, your daddy, and any other future Shippmates to come!


14.  Trips to Odessa where you often end up in the arms of great-grandparents that love you so very, very much.

Or on a quilt at Grammy’s next to your favorite cuz:

15.  At your one month check up, your weight was the numbers of my birthday (10/8 for October 8th) which was only a week away, so naturally I saw this as your very own way of wishing me a most happy birthday.

And oh my June… in working on this letter to you, I have been looking through lots of pictures and just came across ones from the day you were born, and I’m in tears.

I hear people daily– often multiple times a day actually– say to me, “Don’t blink- they grow up so fast!”

But honestly, I hadn’t felt that worried about you growing up.

Even packing away all of those clothes that were too little didn’t bring on any sentimental tears last week.

But oh my baby baby girl– something just hit this mama just now.  How in the world have two months gone by?  I started this letter to you yesterday, but your daddy put you to bed, and while normally I go right to bed when you do, I stayed up tonight to write, and so now it is actually the 24th.

It was exactly two months ago today that you came into our lives, June, and I cannot cannot communicate to you how much I love you.


Like I love you so much it hurts.


As I looked at those pictures from you in the hospital, I saw this TINY baby girl.

DSC_7877People keep telling me you look so big or you’re already looking so different, so grown up, and I really hadn’t seen it for whatever reason until just now, June!

photo 1-1photo 3-1

And they’re right!  You’re growing and changing, and it’s all happening too fast already, June.


I’m kind of rambling, and maybe this is why I should go to bed when you go to bed lol, but goodness gracious, I just felt this flood of emotions looking at those pictures from the day you were born.  I can’t even believe your daddy and I are so blessed to have you.


We love you more than you can even imagine, and I have to quit writing now, because it’s been a couple of hours since I took you in to your daddy to put you to bed, and baby girl- I miss you.  I’m going to go watch you sleep and thank my Jesus for giving you to me.


Shoot- I might even wake you up and hold you in my arms for awhile.

I’m the most blessed mom in all of the world, June.  I’m so thankful– eternally thankful– that I get to be your mom.



3 Responses to June Harbor Shippy: Month #2

  1. Ronda Watts

    So precious. I knew you would be a wonderful mom. There is no way to prepare someone and words can’t describe what a miracle God performed when he gave is the gift of life. It takes your breath away.

    Praying for you all to continue to make beautiful memories.

    Mama Watts

  2. cheryl beckman

    ok, girl you know that I don’t cry, not an emotional type of chick, but you almost had me going with the fact that Ryan has put little Junebug to sleep every night of her life. You don’t know how incredibly special that is for her. How incredibly blessed you are that he is there for you two girls and want a wonderful mom and wife you are that you have not interefered and bossed him to do things “the right way”. You’ve allowed him to be daddy and do things daddy’s way that is so smart! you all are just the sweetest little family. I adore that you are sharing June’s life with all of us. thank you and love you!

  3. Grammy

    Dear Baby June, You were at my house last night, and I was just in awe of how much you are growing. You were “talking” to me quite a bit, and I love it! Since I am your Momma’s Momma, I need to add how tough your Mom was while sick with mastitis. Her fever was high, she was exhausted, and all of her caring and attention went to her baby girl, June. Your Momma is one tough chick and always has been! xo

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