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June Harbor Shippy: Month #3

My June.

Happy 3 Months of life, baby girl.

I’ve decided to make this month’s letter a little shorter.

Not because I don’t have tons to say, but because I’m too stinkin’ in love with living life with you to have had the time to write more lately.

I also don’t want to dread writing this letter with it being too huge of a task, so to prevent that, I’m wanting to keep it simple enough (some months) to make it just as enjoyable as the first letter.

(For the record, writing is never a chore or task to dread for me, but finding all the pics and uploading them here and then resizing them because they’re never the right size… THAT is the annoying part for me lol.  So as soon as I find someone to do that for me- ha- or a better website to work with, we’ll be smooth sailing, for sure.)

Your dad and I are sitting on the couch after just getting home from your first wedding tonight, and you’re still snoozing so peacefully in your super warm carseat, courtesy of your BundleMe from your cuz, Adi Morgan.  As I keep looking over at you asleep, I just told your dad, “I seriously miss her when she’s sleeping.”


Because it’s true.  I do.

I can’t even explain to you the depths of which my heart and soul and every part of my being loves you so much, Junebug.  It’s the craziest thing ever.

But let me get back to this month’s re-cap with our tradition (3 months strong lol) of….

The Very June Shippy Moments We Want To Remember Always:  Month #3 Edition!

1.  Mommy and Daddy’s 1st Date Night… without YOU!

So way back when you were in my belly, we learned that our favorite Broadway musical was coming to Kansas City!  We were so excited, and I did some quick math and figured that when Wicked was in town, you’d be about 2 months old and SURELY I’d be ready for a night out by then…

And then October came.  And I felt a little less sure of my desire to be away from you!

But I know it’s good for me and The Shippmate to have time together, too, and it was WICKED.  The best musical EVER, Junie.

I will love telling you that this was the first thing your dad and I did without you when you’re a bit older, because it wasn’t just an ordinary first date night…  it was such an epic first date night, June!

However, I was not without tears leaving you… even though I KNEW I was leaving you in the very best arms in those of your Grammy, it was still hard for me at first.

photo 1

 In fact, when we had just pulled out of the driveway and the tears were a-flowing, your daddy looked at me and said, “Okay- do you think you can do this?  If not, it’s okay, and we’ll just forget about it.  What do you think?”

HA!  It was so cute to me that he was giving me the option to not be capable of doing it.  But I was.  (And I knew how much the tickets cost lol.)

And I’m so glad we went— it was such a wonderfully magical evening with my Shippmate.

And you, my dear, had a blast with Grammy.

I did sprint from the car to her door once we got home to hug and kiss and snuggle you right up though.

2.  The Beekeeper with his Queen Bee and Junie Bee.


photo 4photo 51380144_584276489952_1900386065_n

Best Halloween ever.


I was out and about shopping with your Grammy and Grandpa, and while I was out of the car, you were just visiting away with Grammy and then YOU LAUGHED FOR HER!!!

photo 2

I couldn’t believe it!  She is seriously the best at getting you to talk, so I guess it did make sense lol.  Someone asked me if it upset me that she heard you laugh first, which made ME laugh, because I was anything but upset… I was GIDDY that you and her shared that special first.

And I knew it just meant my first time hearing you couldn’t be too far off.

Except it was!  Two weeks went by during this third month before I was sitting with you on the couch just talking away with you (ahh-gooo and huck are some of your favorite “words”) and then we just started smiling back and forth at each like we often do.  I am not here to brag– okay maybe I am lol– but I am definitely THE best at getting you to smile, June!  So we were doing our thing where I smile and then you smile and then I smile bigger and then you smile bigger… I mean we do this so often and for so long that sometimes my darn face gets tired!

There we were… smiling away on the couch when all of the sudden your smile erupted to this PRECIOUS LAUGH!

Oh June, I nearly died right then and there.

It was the best little noise I’ve ever heard.

I laughed right along with you and then, naturally I cried my ever loving eyes out.

It’s a sweet ride this motherhood trip- it is, it is.

3.  Your love for books!  This month, I really saw you become more and more interested in books, and this makes my heart so happy.

Here’s us reading together one night:

photo 2

You current fave is A Kiss Like This, which I’m nearly positive was given to you by one of my dear friends, Laura Scott.

photo 2 photo 3

The vibrant colors are your favorite.  Especially this particular page:

photo 1

4.  Your exercises with Daddy.  I always ask your dad as I’m working on these what he wants included, and this was the first thing on his list!  Almost every night, he puts you in his lap for these “exercises” that look a lot like assisted sit ups.  That sounds so funny since you’re a baby, but you really seem to enjoy them, and we’re sure it’s starting you off in a great path toward physical strength and stature.  Ha.

photo 1

5.   I keep a running list in my phone of things I want to remember, and as I was referencing that list just now, I saw the following:

Chilling out

Which took me a second to remember what that was in reference to!

By “chilling out,” we mean this month has been a growth month in terms of you seeming to be adapting more and more everyday to life outside of the womb.  You spent over 9 months there, so it makes perfect sense that life on this side of the womb would be an adjustment at first… and honestly, you adapted quickly in so many regards.

But we just saw things this month that showed you’re really more used to life here with us– car rides are MUCH easier and enjoyable for you (and for us lol), you don’t quite eat every hour from 6pm-11pm anymore (ha), and you are still sleeping like a perfect little angel that we are so unworthy of– you’re just such a stellar baby, June.  Truly.


6.  Tu amiga– Raquel!

At our very first shower– a surprise of one, nonetheless– Mommy and Daddy’s small group spoiled you silly with many a books, but then Sherri also had this precious 1st doll for you, too!

I loved her brown haired braids, but what I REALLY adore is her little shirt says, My First Doll in Spanish!  As the former Senorita Dyer, I appreciated this very much, and naturally, I had to give her a very appropriate and fitting name…

Raquel, it is!

She’s your favorite, and the two of you have many a wonderful adventures together daily!

photo 2

photo 4

7.  Packages and presents and love from SO MANY PEOPLE.

June, I’m not even kidding you, I’ve never been so awe in the kindness of people.  Everyone we know gave you something.  And then some people we don’t even really know made and sent and gave you things, too.  It was such precious proof of how babies really are just complete joy.  So much joy that people– we know and don’t know alike– wanted to celebrate your arrival.  It meant so much to me with each package and card and adorable very nautical Junie kind of item we received.

This personalized sign from The Montgomerys is one of my absolute favorites:

photo 1

8.  You found your foot for the first time!

And then looked up at us like, “Hey guys- did you all know this thing was here?!?”

photo 39.  The Many Many Wonderful Expressions of June Harbor:
photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

And my personal fave- The Fake Smile.

photo 5
10.  Last, but absolutely not least would be a fun little realization for your mama in the form of seeing ME in YOU, sweet baby!

And I’m not just talking about the night you TOTALLY nailed my pose I’ve rocked since my days out at The K.


photo 4photo 3

But please know, that was a total proud mom moment- FOR SURE.

No, I’m talking about the night we were at Grammy’s and we pulled out MY baby books and found this little gem of a throwback for Thursday:

photo 5The night we found this, I was feeding you and when my mom showed it to me I nearly wanted to pick you up and dance around the room with you, because for the first time I realized my mom wasn’t just trying to be nice when she said she saw me in you!

I later posted it to Facebook for some Throwback Thursday action, and Juniper doll- PEOPLE THOUGHT IT WAS YOU!

And for a mama who has only heard you look like your daddy, or even your Uncle Atticus (whaaaat lol??), and your Grammy, I was a wee bit smitten to hear people saw me in you, too!

But girlfriend, there is still NO denying you are so so so much of your daddy.

Case in point:
photo 5And I love that you are his Mini Me.  Truly, I do.

I just also love knowing there is a little bit of a mama in you, too. ;)

And lastly, I love when life brings us to full circle kind of closure of endings, and just as this third month of life for you started with us going on a date night, it concluded the same!

And just like our date to Wicked had been on the calendar for months before you were born, this date had been on our calendar before I was even pregnant!

Your mama traditionally doesn’t just “kind of” like something… I get a bit excited and what some might call obsessed with things I love.  And a few years ago, I read this book series I just adored– Hunger Games.  Well, we’ve known for over a year that the sequel to the first movie would be out November 22nd of 2013, so almost immediately after I found out we were pregnant I booked a babysitter in your Grammy and Grandpa for that movie night premiere.

Thankfully, they were still willing and available, and your daddy and I had a blast!  When I saw the first movie in the series (back in 2011) I actually went to the theater THREE times to see it, and so when I knew I had plans to see it with your dad and my friend Amy text me to see it with her, I first thought- “No prob- I’ll see it multiple times again…”

Except that’s not quite as easy for me now, so I had actually realized I probably wouldn’t get to see it with Amy.

Well, lo and behold how life often works out for us, we get to the theater here in town only to see we were there at the same time as Amy and her kids!

It just made me beyond giddy that I DID get to experience the intensity and wonderful of Catching Fire with my Shippmate AND a best friend, too!  I sat right between those two with such a happy grin on my face all night.  You’ll understand this one day, but while I couldn’t adore your daddy more, a girl has to have best friends.  And it was great, because Amy has also read all of the books, so I could go into booknerd mode with her and discuss details that were different while holding hands with my Shippmate, too.

Again, it was totally a date night worthy of pumping for.  We don’t waste nights away from you at the local Applebee’s, Junebug– we go all out for Oz and Quarter Quells.

And again, you had a complete blast with your Grammy and Grandpa.

It’s really vital to my success and content of the evening to know you’re doing well, and they were great to send me these pics that I just adored:

photo 1photo 4photo 2photo 3 (This is your Grandpa vacuuming– not solely because our carpet needed vacuumed, but also because it makes you happy!  And it works out, because coming home to a vacuumed house makes your mama pretty happy, too!)

But even so, when I got home, I was telling Mom how I had a blast and the movie was AWESOME and how special it was to experience it with Ryan AND Amy, and just going on about the lovely of the evening, but then said, “Buuuut… it’s still hard.”

And Mom inquired what I meant, to which I explained, “Well– I mean I had so much fun, but I just still felt a bit distracted a few times during the movie… like I can’t “check out” all of the way and just completely enjoy the movie.”

And your Grammy spoke such wisdom when she replied, “Oh sweet girl- you’ll never be able to “check out” again… ever.”

And funny enough, Junebug– I wouldn’t want it any other way.




6 Responses to June Harbor Shippy: Month #3

  1. Ashleigh Smith

    She is so stinking precious!! Her face is seriously perfect!!

    You have two #3’s…is that intentional? I totally wouldn’t put it past you to use #3 twice since this is month 3. LOL!

  2. Erica

    Oh my gosh, Ashleigh Smith- I love you. So no, I so did not even mean to do that, but now I’m going to leave it just because you thought I might have been intentional like that LOL. That just made me very happy lol.

    Also, how proud are you that Junebug already can pose for pics?!? Please show Chloe tomorrow- I have a feeling she might appreciate that kind of sass.

  3. Ashleigh Smith

    Hahaha…yes! I meant to mention that too. That truly made me laugh out loud! Of course she would!!

  4. Ronda Watts

    June, you are a very blessed little princess. Your mama and daddy love you so much. These will make some great memories for you to read in years to come.

    I am watching every picture and all the events your mama posts. Your future is very bright because God has a plan for you that is for good.

    Mama Watts

  5. Grammy

    I will treasure that first little belly laugh forever!

  6. dad

    Reviewing month number three was so much fun …. made me laugh and cry. And that last picture of June and I with the vacuum cleaner is an accurate depiction of how we feel about vacuuming. I am thrilled and she is afraid to move!

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