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June’s 1st Trip To The Pediatrician

This past weekend was the kind of weekend that felt like we were on a mini-vaca.  Tons of exciting adventures all packed into 48 hours.

A Wicked good time at our favorite show:


Costume Reveal Party where The Beekeeper arrived in style with his Queen Bee and Junie Bee.

1380144_584276489952_1900386065_n 16293_584171675002_1766937705_n

And then a sweet Sunday celebrating our favorite nephew’s baby dedication at Redeemer.

1376536_584247063922_490760474_nJuniper naturally had to attend this kind of event in her Sunday best.
1392077_584293725412_1207850428_nSo at some point last week, I knew we had all of that fun and excitement in the weekend forecast, and yet, for some embarrassing reason, I was ALMOST the most excited about our plans for Monday (today).

June’s 1st trip to the pediatrician!

You know you’re a mom when…


(And in the event you’re keeping tabs on the wellness of our child/parenting skills, no- she did not go 2 months of her life without any doctor’s visits lol.  We have an excellent family practice doctor here in town that we’ll use in conjunction with our new pediatrician.  I came to this tag team conclusion after hearing some of my friends talk about this Land of Pediatrics where it’s so specialized just for baby and kiddo health and development, and I couldn’t resist the thought of learning more about Junie and everything we can do for her!)

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who woke up excited for this 1st appointment this morning:

photo 1

I kid you not- my June wakes up with a smile!  She loves the mornings, which has made me a lover of them lately, too.

We got dressed and headed off to the doctor, and in the elevator, Junebug was feeling a little nervous:

photo 2Until she saw how incredibly cool this place was!

“Okay, Mom- now that I see the ghost lights and tree house– I’m good.”

photo 3
photo 4
photo 5We had so much fun hanging out in the waiting room together that I forgot to fill out my paperwork lol.

It made me incredibly giddy to hear “June Shippy” from the nice nurse that greeted us in the waiting room.

Sometimes I still just can’t believe God didn’t just bless me with a baby, but a BABY GIRL… a baby JUNE just like I prayed for long before even becoming pregnant with her!

First things first– time to hit the scale!

photo 2
This is Junie giving her mama some 13 love, because I’ve told her it’s my favorite.

Junebug was so happy to be here to meet our new doctor!

photo 1 photo 2photo 3
But after several pics of her in her diaper, Junie started to feel a little exposed.

“A little modesty for me, please, Mommy.”

photo 4
I’d wear a burp cloth, too, if I looked that stinkin’ precious in it.

Dr. Kirby-Diaz came in and answered all 113 of my questions without ever seeming annoyed, and thus I love her.

Hahahahaha– it was like I was in baby heaven getting to ask her so many questions all about my June!

Annnd upon entering the room, she gave June a book to encourage reading, and we will get a new book at every well child appointment.

I mean, come on– if they didn’t have me in love with the place with the festive decor, the separate waiting rooms for well/sick kiddos, the promotion of literacy surely just sealed the deal!

(And this is where I shall publicly apologize to June’s Grammy and Daddy, because both of them were a bit surprised when I wasn’t taking her to a pediatrician in the beginning, but I assured them it was not necessary lol.  You two were right, and I’m not even sure why I didn’t think I would ADORE a colorful office that is ALL ABOUT KIDS lol.)

I have no photographed documentation of the misery that was HER SHOTS.

Oh my goodness.

I was helping hold her, and I seriously wanted to die.  Seeing her cry like that was horrible.  I cried my own little eyes out, and I think the nurse almost offered ME a Snoopy Band-Aid!

Before the nurse could complete her sentence telling me I could scoop her and love on her, I was ON IT!  I had that Junie in my arms loving on her immediately, and she calmed down before I did, I’m pretty sure lol.

Crazy enough, her favorite cousin was at his well child appointment today, too, so we were texting updates to our family group text, and Bailey sent us all a pic of Roman after his shots looking pretty unhappy.

When I showed it to June, she told me since we missed the moment, she’d give me a little glimpse of how shots for her and Roman make her feel:

Well said, June- well said.

(I was mid-buckling her in for this above shot, so please don’t think this is how her carseat strap was left— it got secured right after the pic while we were still in the waiting room.)

But other than the tears and shot part, it was such a sweet time together, and I’m so excited about the beginning of our adventures with Dr. Kirby-Diaz.

And in true Shippmate sweetness, guess what room we were in for this 1st appointment?

photo 5I’m so glad my 13 pounder is already embracing the 13 love like her mama.

Like mother, like daughter, my sweet baby June.


9 Responses to June’s 1st Trip To The Pediatrician

  1. Ramona

    These pics are the cutest! She’ll enjoy seeing these when she realizes what’s going on in a few years…her first visit to the doc! :) What a trip.

  2. Marissa Connolly

    Oh that sweet Junebug- too cute for words!!!!

  3. Kylie

    Kirby-Diaz is the BEST! That’s Dawson’s doctor. :)

  4. Loved reading this!!! June is precious!

  5. Jennifer Hannel

    We LOVE Dr. Kirby-Diaz too!!!
    She is not “officially” Samara’s dr, but now that Samara’s a teenager (*shudder*) ;-)she prefers seeing a female dr. (I don’t dare share the horrors of her physical this summer, done by a male dr, from the perspective of a 12/almost 13-year-old! She hates that dr now, and he didn’t do anything wrong!) And sort of off-topic, but your love of 13 reminded me: Samara is 13 now! oh boy, a whole new set of adventures awaits us both! =) June is perfectly adorable, even with her post shot pout!

  6. Kristin Meyer

    Love that you loved Dr. Kirby-Diaz! We love her too!

  7. Lindsey Hansen


  8. Stephanie Tyler

    I think this may have been a shirt you bought from me…it’s now making me sad!

  9. Tara Zuber

    Dr. Kirby-Diaz is who the boys see as well!!! We absolutely LOVE her. So much that we still make the drive from Liberty!

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