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My most neglectful hour of parenting

I’m not trying to brag, but I’d say for these first 9 months of June Harbor’s life, we’ve been pretty attentive parents.

I hold her all day long, to the point she has her own very koala bear like strategy for breastfeeding while I hold her on my hip.  During the day when I’m doing laundry or picking up stuff or pretending like I might make dinner, I carry her around and we just talk through it all.  I was told by so many people an exersaucer or jumper would be my best friend, but I find myself never putting her in them.  I read to her often, talk to her all of the time, kiss her so often I actually Googled early in her life “can you kiss a baby too much” fearing I might give her some sort of skin reaction from the all day kissfest.

Basically, we just love to her pieces and try to be such good parents for her by “ruining her” daily.  (If you missed that good time, check HERE for the time my pediatrician told me I was ruining my baby.)

I would consider us attentive to our Junie and just overall responsible parents.

Except for Monday nights between 8pm-9pm central time.

Truly, we have never been worse parents since the return of Jack Bauer to our lives.

Thank goodness the show is only an hour long, because after the 2 hour season premeire we had nearly let June drive to DQ to get us some dipped cones.

Today was rough though, because Ryan had been working on the floor last Monday night, we had some Hulu catching up to do, so we ignored June for an hour this morning and then again for an hour this evening while watching live.  In real time.

I mean, the show.  It’s just that good.  I was trying to explain why to my mom at lunch today, and the words weren’t even coming to me, because I can’t explain the majestic and beauty of Jack Bauer with mere words in a booth at Applebee’s.  It just can’t be done.

But those of you that watch, YOU know.  My dad knows, thankfully.  He actually watched when I lived at home, and I always remember walking through the living room and seeing pieces of it and thinking it looked way too scary for me.

And to be honest, when a girl’s mom has her own daughter’s finger sliced right off… it kind of is.

Except the redemption of Jack just makes it all okay somehow.

It’s one of the few shows in the history of shows that my Shippmate and I both love, and for that reason alone, it is the best.

Which leads me back to my worst hours of parenting occurring during the real time that Jack Bauer takes over our living room.

Let me just show you what happens.

First of all, during this morning’s viewing.

We set June down on the floor (in my weird mind this is part of the “neglect” when in reality, it’s probably more neglectful that I never do set her down) and let her play with my hair tie she found under the couch.

Ryan:  “Erica- is that even safe or okay?”

me:  “Shhhh!  I can’t hear Jack!  WHY IS HE ALWAYS WHISPERING!?”

photo 5 photo 4
This next pic is the perfect representation of what his happening in our living room while 24 is on.

Poor June.

Just staring at the kitchen floor wondering how long she has until this show is over and where her favorite black and white furry friends went.

photo 3
More quality parenting methods explained to my Shippmate:

“It’s actually probably really good for her to have some independent play.”

Throw in some legit sounding lingo like “independent play” and everyone feels better about losing ourselves in a world where Jack Bauer need not eat, go the bathroom, nor drink water for hours on end and still manages to have the capabilities to take on ten Marines and win the situation.

Then tonight during the live show that we paused all cleaning and painting and packing to enjoy, we gave June some work to do around this place so we could kick back and rest.

Turns out, Junebug loves sorting laundry.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1photo 2 photo 3
That basket of clothes bought us a good 25 minutes of real time with Mr. President and a Jack and Audrey reunion that was giving Andi and all of her suitors over on ABC some serious steam competition.

Until June got annoyed and went over to hang her head in a sorrow that only Monday evenings seem to bring.

photo 5
You might also notice she doesn’t have any pants on.  Which is sad, because she had on the cutest jean shorts my mom bought her after several failed attempts at shorts that were too tight for her thighs lol.

But even her lack of pants is proof of our neglect, because I was changing her before the show started and cut it too close and had to skip putting her little shorts back on to make it for the 2pm hour started with the clock countdown.

In other questionable parenting moves, after 9 months and 1 day of June only having breastmilk, vegetables and fruit, and a whole lot of Cheerios, this happened:

10359147_603576896782_2758908849478392164_n 10313209_603576876822_2589878151139308004_n 10309349_603576861852_1328581537063798901_n
I mean- we’re moving and life is all sorts of chaos, Junie Bee has a cold, my man Jack Bauer was on, and would you really be able to resist this kind of begging:

10346527_603576841892_3074017046919727074_nAnd honestly, I’m thinking 9 months and 1 day is long enough to live without pizza.  Right?

In some last other news that is more relevant to the holiday that is today, some people spend their day off poolside or at the lake or a BBQ.

And then others spend it washing windows so their Baby June gets to move into a sparkling and spotless new home.

I’m so thankful for my parents.

For both their love and their impeccable cleaning abilities lol.

I’m also so very thankful for all of the service men and women and all of their sacrifices for this country.

And lastly, due to a lot of things going on with the house this weekend, we did not make it to all of the cemeteries to take flowers like normal, but June and I did happen to be with my parents when they were headed to Nanny’s grave and we were so thankful– and teary– to be there, too.

We showed June how her name is on Nanny’s stone and how Nanny’s legacy will always live on through her very name.

Happy Memorial Day, friends.


13 Responses to My most neglectful hour of parenting

  1. Shelli

    Oh girl- neglectful? Wait til a second babe comes along! Or a third LOL!

    Love her doing laundry- she’s so beautiful!

  2. Nicole Elizabeth Weigum

    hat is hilarious!! I love the pizza shots……I have one on my page of my neice with a hamburger on my birthday lol……spoil away, spoil away!

  3. Jillian

    Yes, just wait!!!
    And I love how SPOTLESS your one-child house is! Oh, how I miss THAT!
    At our house, it’s not uncommon to find Everly chewing or maybe sharpening her teeth on a rock. Gnawing on hot wheels is a common past time as well.
    The koala nursing…please!
    How I love your posts! Laughs every time!

  4. Tabithia Thomas

    Love reading your little stories!!

  5. Brad Dugan

    That picture of her hanging her head is so darn cute!

  6. Jillian Gregg

    Hahahaha! In my comments, I forgot to share (in an attempt to make you feel less neglectful, of course!) that last week while changing her diaper, I found a little rubber band. In her diaper. That had made it’s way through her little baby system! Ugh. No pizza or hairties. Tiny rubberbands that are everywhere from all of Charlie’s bracelet-making. Goodness!

  7. Jillian Gregg

    And the Gregg girls’ toes reeeeeeaaally need some attention…pedi/pool-date this week?

  8. Amy Kenney

    My parenting mantra is “A little neglect goes a long way.” Junie will be able to share stories with the Kenney kids before you know it!

  9. Julie-Rose Tedrick

    if it makes you feel any better I was looking something up to plan a fun filled day in the burg and got distracted by this post and therefore “neglected” David and Nora who are making a mess in their “baby jaiL” so I could read it! Also they LOVE “helping” with laundry, a basket of clean freshly folded clothes is the best…. but I’ve come to decide that refolding the laundry is worth it, particularly if it’s around 4:30 in the afternoon when Nora gets in “a mood” and it’s the only thing that will pacify her! You’re doing great both in being able to carry her around all day and in letting her have a wee bit of independence you go mama (and it’s NEVER to soon to start her on pizza)

  10. Jennifer Dugan

    I am so so grateful my girls are so very attentive bc my most neglectful moments…there aren’t any pictures friend ani will have a lot of eyes on her besides mine!

  11. Kristina Corder Linke

    Hahahaha! Her face! She’s SO neglected! If so, my kids are WAY more neglected!!! So funny!

  12. Katie Lewie Eitutis

    It is ridiculous how much alike we are !!! Maybe it’s this new momma thing !!! Gosh, I like you !!!!

  13. Renee Hougey

    Pizza is the first food Xander stole too. I suspect it’s a thing.

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