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Proof that eating is important

So this is why I should never let myself get incredibly hungry.

Bad things happen.

Ryan and I have an understanding that when I get super hungry, I have to state this to him so he can recognize my mean spirit for what it is– lack of food instead of lack of love for him.

I had been out with June all afternoon, and she was crying on the drive home (which she hasn’t been doing as much and thus my ability to be okay with it had kind of dwindled lol) so I was a bit irritable, and it was 6:53 and I had not eaten dinner.  Thus, the world was starting to cave in around me so I dropped her off with The Shippmate who quickly got the message:  WIFEY NEEDS FOOD.

I didn’t want to leave Ryan home with a crying Juners, so I sat down to feed her while we were ordering a pizza online with a coupon Ryan found.  (I love my husband for many reasons with one of them definitely being his ability to always find us really good coupons for pizza.)

So by the time I get in the car to head to Pizza Hut, it’s now 7:21 and I’m so past my tolerable hungry limit.  And while we live on the south side of town, Pizza Hut is– you guessed it– on the north side.

And I’d tell you to Google it to understand how long of a drive it is to get from our house to Pizza Hut, but I fear if you did that you might see it’s only like 2 miles but in Warrensburg on a Friday evening those two miles take FOR.EV.ER.

Thus, I had to intervene by stopping at Arby’s lol.

For a curly fries kind of appetizer, if you will.

(Please don’t make fun of me. I’m already so humiliated to admit we eat lots of pizza and now I’m owning my secret love for curly fries.  IT WAS THE VALUE SIZE PEOPLE.  Back off.)

Anyway, I got those fries and they were glorious, and as I was sitting in the Pizza Hut drive thru, I really did feel quite embarrassed by the fact I was eating them while waiting on my large pizza.

(Albeit the large pizza I was waiting on had no cheese and no sauce and The Shippmate would later refer to as a cracker with meat and veggies. DELICIOUS.)

So I’m sitting there feeling a bit embarrassed– but not so embarrassed to stop scarfing down my curly fries– when the Pizza Hut worker comes to the window and catches me redhanded with my fries.

And does she ignore my glutton self and just give me my pizza?


She smugly says, “Well… looks like you’re making the rounds tonight, eh?”

And with curly fry in hand– for some reason I’ll never know– I look at the Pizza Hut woman and I explain, “Ummmm…. I used to be pregnant?!”


There are just no words.

I don’t even know what my thought process was there, and clearly– neither did the Pizza Hut woman.

I started laughing so hard as I furiously rolled up the window to finish my fries in the privacy of my car.

With just my former pregnant self.



3 Responses to Proof that eating is important

  1. Katelynn Smith

    Now living in warrensburg for about a year now, I TOTALLY understand where your coming from about warrensburg roads! It may be only a mile or two but will take you at LEAST 10 minutes on a good day!

  2. Karla

    Your excuse now can be your a nursing mom! I was soooo much more hungry while nursing than I was pregnant. I felt like I was eating ALL the time! =)

  3. Sara

    I had exactly the same thought the other night when I opened my second Little Debbie fudge round:-)

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