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The Importance of Cinnamon Rolls

I enjoyed such a sweet reunion with the BF Bonnie yesterday.  On my way home, I stopped to surprise Ry with his favorite bagel from Panera.  And grab myself my favorite, too.

BUT, they only had French Toast.  Ry’s fave.  No Cinnamon Crunch aka my fave.

So on the rest of the drive home to The Shippmate I daydreamed about what could fill my cinnamon crunch bagel craving and arrived at cinnamon rolls?  I added another detour to my final destination of another 24 Marathon with Ryan by stopping by Wal-Mart to grab some cinnamon rolls.  (You seriously didn’t think I was going home at 11 PM to MAKE THEM FROM SCRATCH, did you?  No- no way you even thought that.)

I arrive home with Ry’s surprise bagel in tow and as I glance at the clock on our oven reading 11:03 PM, I just can’t do it.  First of all, let me explain to you how I’ve never in my life bought cinnamon rolls.  We used to have them as a kid growing up, but I would never on my own buy a whole thing of them, because normally I am not craving them and that is a whole lot of sugary goodness that I will eat all of lol.

So with this 11 PM hour staring me straight in the face, I realize I must implement what was such a key motto in my 50 pound weight loss journey a few years back.

“I never regret not eating.”

And I just knew that I would not wake up the next morning and think, “Dang- I SO wish I would have eaten 3 gooey cinnamon rolls before bed last night!!!!” buuuuuuut the odds were very in my favor that I WOULD wake up and say, “WHY DID I EAT THAT LAST NIGHT!?!”

So, I saved them for a Saturday morning breakfast treat.

Ryan does not eat breakfast.  Pause for you to gasp.

I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!  Who doesn’t eat breakfast?!  How does he survive until lunch?  How does he have the energy to skip about Lowe’s with a smile??  Oh wait.  :)

Anyway, this has been a phenomenon to me for quite some time, so I decided to wake up earlier than him and do a little campaign for GET THE SHIPPMATE TO LIKING BREAKFAST.  It IS the most important meal of the day!

See, THIS is a much better timing and use for these cinnamon rolls:

Always a good idea to surround the sweets with better choices.

And Ry seemed to enjoy it!  I told him to call me a few hours into work and let me know if it had revolutionized his day/attitude/life.  :)

Not to mention, it was a rare kind of fun to sit down with him in the morning for a meal.  He had to go to work though, which left ME with 4 cinnamon rolls left.  Ahhhhh.

Here’s another secret from my weight loss journey.  Wait, before I tell you (nothing like a little suspense, eh?) let me just say, I have been a complete slacker in replying to sweet FB messages/emails.  I have so many of them inquiring about how I lost 50 pounds and asking me to write about that, and I want to publicly apologize that I haven’t written you all back, because I always say in my mind, “YES THAT IS A GREAT IDEA! I need to write that all out for the blog!!!” but then it just hasn’t happened.  Sometimes because I feel like I’m not really any kind of expert to be telling other people what to do with their eating habits and sometimes just because I’ve had a week where I have NOT chosen broccoli over french fries, so I feel bad preaching that.  ANYWAY, all of that to say- I love your messages/emails- I apologize I don’t always write back in a timely manner, and I WILL write that post(s) before June is over!

Okay, back to what I was saying about another little secret from my weight loss journey.  SHARE YOUR CALORIES.  So when I saw the situation with me left in the house alone with 4 cinnamon rolls (in case you’re counting- there were 8 total and at this point I had eaten 1 lol- do the math to figure out The Shippmate’s eating preferences! Ha.) I immediately called in back up.  This is serious business, and I KNOW my sweet loving self that CANNOT be trusted in such situations.

I text some fam.  Sam (Ryan’s dad) and Reagan (you know her- my Little Duck as mentioned HERE) were camping nearby, so I sent them a pic and offered them some post-camping breakfast.

But I didn’t hear from them, so I packed them up and put them away and enjoyed an apple, blueberries, and a banana instead!  Because those are foods I never regret eating.

Before concluding this random smorgasbord of a post that began in my mind as just a pic and short caption, evolved to the importance of a good breakfast, further evolved to talk of weight loss, and now let’s finish it off with a good ol’ reminiscent from breakfasts many mornings ago.

Because Mom, Dad, or Atticus-  if you’re reading, I KNOW y’all are wondering if I could seriously post about those childhood cinnamon rolls without giving The Dyer Original Four a shout out.  Okay, so those cinnamon rolls were somewhat of a before school family breakfast staple at our house and EVERY TIME, Atticus and I would fight and argue about who got The Beloved Middle.  Because it was not hard at all and just THE most delicious of all.  It got to the point where Mom and Dad developed a system where we had to trade it off, but I can so remember one morning sneaking in on “Atticus’s Day” and stealing The Middle One!!!!!!  Muhahahahaha.

And the FUNNIEST thing about this is that as I’ve explained this story to other people (generally when we’re eating cinnamon rolls), the story always begs the question why didn’t we just have 2 middles?  Or as I was making them (for the first time ever lol) this morning, alongside some nostalgia from past breakfasts, I noticed something interesting in the directions.  You’re supposed to spread them all 2 inches apart on a cookie sheet!!!

Perhaps to avoid other families’ feuding over The Middle.  But since I’m one to love memories, I ignored those directions, and made them The Dyer Fam Way.

And you betcha- I enjoyed every last bite of The Middle.


6 Responses to The Importance of Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Kayla Meads

    I made out-of-the-can cinnamon rolls in a pie pan this morning too! (It’s just the way my mom always made them.) And because I’m such a kind wife (and I slightly over-baked them), I left the middle for Casey, aka “the Husband”. I wonder how many other people appreciate canned cinnamon rolls? :)

    By the way, I know I randomly post things and you barely know me but I sincerely appreciate your blog and facebook postings. They are always so upbeat and positive. It’s like a quick little splash of happiness you’re sharing with others!

  2. I don’t eat breakfast, either, but not because I don’t like it! I loooove breakfast foods and often eat them for lunch or dinner. My problem is I feel sick almost every morning and never feel hungry until 2-3 hours later, at the earliest. I know it’s supposed to be the most important meal of the day, but I just can’t bring myself to eat earlier than that, and I don’t have time to get up an extra couple hours early for work just so I can get in some food. =(

  3. dad

    If you cook them separately then there is no middle!! I do remember such great arguments that we had to switch to pancakes to keep the peace.

  4. Christa

    This post makes me laugh because the way you describe your childhood is EXACTLY how I remember mine. My mom made the rolls the same way (and I do too) and we ALWAYS fought over the middle haha! Great post. :)

  5. Brittany Dodgen

    Thank you so so much for talking about your weight loss! I can’t wait to read the blog you write about it. I have wanted to send you a message a million times asking how in the world you did it and tell you that you look amazing! But I never do because I always feel a little guilty that I’m reading about your life and we don’t even know each other! Haha

  6. Carolyn Sanders

    Mmm cinnamon rolls. We always cooked them that way too! You are so cute, I love your motto’s!! :)

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