My Dyer-E

When my week leads to me hijacking an elevator

Oh Dear Dyer-E.

Life.  It’s been a little less than lovely for us this past week.

We started the bad times off last Saturday night with June having an allergic reaction to some perfume and landing us in the ER.

(Which for the record, I’ve called the Warrensburg hospital three times now, Ryan’s called twice, we’ve left three different voicemails, and no one will call us back and/or answer our calls about us paying them.  Clearly, that means they’re trying to cover the payment for us, right?  Uhhh, yeah.)

Anyway, so from there it went like this.

Ryan had been really sick with a bad cold that my mom kept asking him if he needed to go to the doctor for and he kept saying no.

(He doesn’t go to the doctor.)

But then I got his cold.

And oddly enough had a really bad fever with it and did go to the doctor.

Who wasn’t sure what was wrong with me but sent me on my way with an antibiotic anyway.  It’s the American way, I suppose.

But then when I got home and still had a bad fever the next day and after saying an embarrassing amount of times, “I haven’t felt this bad since mastitis,” I finally realized I actually did have mastitis.

So, that was great.

Oh.  And I left out the annoying part where the doctor gave me an antibiotic that is apparently is the penicillin family (which I’m allergic to) and when Ryan tried to pick it up at Walgreens, the pharmacist wouldn’t give it to him without knowing what my reaction was to penicillin.  Which we didn’t know, nor could we get ahold of my mom and my dad didn’t remember, but I was so sick feeling and sick of multiple phone calls with Walgreens and knew the doctor knew I was allergic to penicillin, so I told Ryan (in less kind words)- JUST BRING ME HOME THE DRUGS.

So apparently he told the pharmacist he found out what happened when I had penicillin and it was that I cried!!!?!!?!?

BAHAHAHAHAH—oh my gosh, when he got home and told me this, I nearly cried from laughing.

He said the pharmacist did not seem overly convinced and did seem annoyed and told him that would be in my official record!

So, that’s always great.

But anyway, the meds I was prescribed for who knows what ended up being confirmed by my OB to work for my mastitis, so that was good.

And right when I was about to get better, the baby that always sleeps 12 hours, decided to wake up every hour that night.

She now had the joy of getting the cold Ryan gave me and then apparently I gave her.

Nothing helps one recover from mastitis like a sick babe.

And it then got better, because not only did Junie have a horrible cold, but she who has never had a diaper rash ALL OF THE SUDDEN Thursday night had this HORRIBLE red diaper rash???

We thought it might have been a reaction to my antibiotics, so I took her to the doctor Friday.

We were so fortunate on that trip to get a nurse on her very first day and someone was teaching her to use the computer system and a process of checking her vitals/history that should take about 5 minutes, no lie took 45 minutes.

Because June is the best baby in the world of babies, she was more patient than me and was so happy and having a great time.  The nurse and her trainer person kept commenting on how unusually happy she was.

No one commented on happy I was.

Because I was nearly scowling lol.

So we find out June had some sort of infection in a less than grand visit.  (No Kirby-Diaz, that’s for sure.)

After paying more money for co-pays and medicines than wants to pay in a week, we head home thinking maybe all of the illness and annoying might be behind us.

Until I wake up Saturday morning to find red bumps all up and down June’s legs.

June was smiling at me, and I just wanted to cry.

I called the doctor and they said she had to be seen.

So we load up yet again to head to Blue Springs– just me and June again, because Ryan was working to pay for our recent medical escapades.  The receptionist said if we arrived before noon, they would see her.  If not, she wouldn’t be seen until 1:30.

We rushed around and made that happen, but when we pull into the doctor’s office at 11:45, we were greeted by a firetruck and firemen explaining someone pulled the alarm and the doctor and staff all went to lunch early.

I was nearly fuming at the poor firemen.

Through gritted teeth and tears coming, I said, “You’re not serious.  I just woke my sick baby up to bring her in and no one can see her.”

They looked so stressed by my tone, appearance, and scowl, that I almost expected one of them to offer to treat my baby!

OH. And– in such perfect timing, June’s cold had caused her little eye to get all gross while she slept from Warrensburg to Blue Springs, so the firemen were also looking at this:


Hahahhhahahahaha.  SHE was so happy though.  Smiling at them, trying to kiss them….

So, we retreated over to Panera to wait.

We get back to the office at 1:15 and my mom met us there for back-up, and my mom, June, and I get on an elevator to see it’s not working!  For a brief second, we literally thought we were STUCK in there.

Which let’s be honest– would have been so perfect for my week lol.

But thankfully, we were not.  I did have to trick the elevator into getting us to the third floor and we get to the pediatric floor to be greeted by a VERY startled and scared receptionist that was so confused how we got up because she hadn’t unlocked the elevator yet.

I told her I watch Jack Bauer every Monday night and not to worry about how I figured it out but just to GET MY BABY SEEN.

And that I wasn’t paying a co-pay since we were seeing the same doctor less than 24 hours later.

She looked so scared of me and my elevator hijacking skills that she agreed.

Much to my mom’s surprise lol.

Anyway, we saw the doctor– found out June has an infection that was worse than he thought the day before and she now has to take antibiotics, too.

After waiting forever for her prescription, my mom and I finally headed home with our happy baby.  Well, home to my parents’ house where it was so good to just chill and laugh about the day.

Junie had a bath at Grammy’s by Grammy, and then Grammy insisted on giving her a full nail makeover because her nails were insanely long.

Which I thoroughly appreciated.

We were soon on our way to meet The Shippmate for dinner.

He was very concerned about his baby girl after seeing pictures of the new welps all over her legs, so he was so glad to see us and enjoy some BBQ before heading home where we would find our basement very, very flooded.

Just a complete mess.

Happy Flag Day to us.

Isn’t home ownership fun?


As Ryan was vacuuming up water in our basement, I was feeding June and just had this real calm come over me.

It was nothing of my own, because I am not one to handle these kind of weeks well.  I’m the kind to want to flail myself on the bathroom floor and just scream out WHY ME Nancy Kerrigan style.


Fortunately, having a baby to care for allows us little time for flailing on a bathroom floor, so it hadn’t happened, but still.

Anyway, I was just feeding June and looking out the windows and thinking, “Man- we have so much to be thankful for.”

This peace… this calm… this gratitude that felt so much bigger than me or my mastitis or June’s impetigo and folliculitis or our ruined basement carpet or $500 ER visits…

It was almost surrounding me in a very tangible and warm embrace.

It was as if God was reaching out to me and saying, “Erica- this week has been crap.  Total crap.  But don’t miss the big picture… you have a home.  You have a healthy baby.  You have your health, Ryan’s health, your parents’ health.  You have so much more than you need.  This is tiny stuff when we’re looking at the big pictures. Let’s look at it together…”

And somehow, I just saw it.

I saw how minuscule this annoying week is in the scope of eternity.

June’s rash will heal.  Mastitis will be gone.  The basement might be a disaster for awhile.  Doctor’s bills might take awhile to disappear, but they will.

But at the end of the day, the big picture shows so much promise.

So when Ryan came upstairs and said, “It’s a complete mess.  Just don’t even go down there” my normal self that would want to know just how bad it was and have to go down, just said, “Okay.  I won’t.”

And then I said to him, “I know we’ve had quite a few things not go our way, but at least we have our health.”  Which seemed a tiny bit funny since sitting in front of me on our end table were several prescriptions, but he knew what I meant.

We do have health.  And a home, basement wet or basement dry.  And we have each other– a love and an ability to laugh together that is irreplacable.

But most of all, we have a God that loves us so much and promises to walk with us and gently help us see the big picture when our vision is a little blurry and only focusing on the crap of today.

And for that?  I’m ever so thankful.


11 Responses to When my week leads to me hijacking an elevator

  1. Ryan Shippy

    The only reason I went to extreme measures to get your prescription is because you had already taken it before with no reaction. I told the pharmacist that multiple times, but that information was ignored.

  2. Paula Merriam Hibler

    Poor baby , hope you guys feel better and have a better week

  3. Rachel Owens

    So using my “four years of health care experience” they probably can’t have you pay yet because it either a) hasn’t been dictated by the physician or b) been coded. But they still should have called you back, rude! Here’s to a good week next week!

  4. Erica Shippy

    Awwwww man, Rachel Owens– so you DON’T think this means we won a free visit?! LOL! ;)

  5. Rachel Owens

    Unfortunately no. LOL. I wish!

  6. Jillian

    I’m so glad that a new week starts in just over an hour.
    And hopefully we will see you beautiful babes this upcoming week!

  7. Jennifer Dugan

    Whew girl, you have an amazing attitude. I don’t think I could be where you are after a week like this! What’s going on with the basement???

    And I’m so impressed with your “we were here 24 hours ago, I’m not paying again” spiel to the receptionist. You.go.girl.

  8. Tiffanie McGregor

    Ay yai yai…girl. I’m so glad we have a God who helps us see. I love you!


    Another blessing for you to count, your husband is a plumber! I so enjoy your positive attitude about a week that would have had me in tears of despair. I hope this coming week is much better.

  10. Mom

    Oh sweet girl, your cup runneth over, and I am thankful you know it. God is good! I still think Ryan needed to go to the doctor.

  11. erica's dad

    “Why me Nancy Kerrigan style” ….. made me laugh out loud!

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